Thursday, March 03, 2016

See & Saw @ Straits View

UPDATE: This wonderful place has ceased operation due to commercial license restrictions along Straits View/ Jalan Danga.

Our latest cafe-hopping adventure this time is See & Saw along Straits View, right after M Suite Hotel and Eight Lido.

Located above the main road, the view is splendid, overlooking the Straits of Johor. You'll also hear the Mat Rempits blazing by occasionally.

First view as you approach the premises. I parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up. You can also drive through and park at the other side.

Rustic outdoor seating.

The signature white colonial bungalow structure and design is well-maintained.

On the right side as we approach the cafe. I think this truck bar opens at night. I passed by a few times at night and this place looks magical!

A pet resident... I love this place even more!

The interior. LOVE the arch-way.

Their menu.

 Their cold pressed juices are popular but I haven't tried them yet.

Hmmm, I missed the main course page. Sorry!

It seems that mint chocolate pies/cake is the IN thing now. There's one I would like to try at Bev C.
This one, not bad. I had to order TWO because the boys inhaled them too fast before I could.

Butter Fish Thai Pesto Spaghetti. Good.

Seared salmon and poached egg.
I must say, I was surprised how all the elements on the dish went very well together.
The yellowish puree on the salmon has a heavy garlic taste with a tinge of lemon. The green puree on the left is avocado that went well with the salsa.

The food portion was rather small for the price I paid. The boys were still hungry when we finished, so I told them they can eat Maggi's Hot Cup when they get home. Haha. I did not bring enough RM, fortunately they welcome SGD as well. SGD30 for 2 slices of mint chocolate pies, the spaghetti dish and the salmon dish.

The husband chio me one night to this place after the boys went to sleep.

It's really quite magical at night.

Managed to snap their main course page.
The husband had the beef mushroom charcoal burger. Not bad, he said.
I tried to take a picture but the charcoal burger just looks horribly shitty in the yellow lighting. 

I had truffle fries and a cup of hot mint chocolate.
These are good, you can really smell the truffle.

Would definitely go back again.... after payday. Ha.

UPDATE: This gorgeous little space is now no longer in operation there. As with all the commercial businesses along Straits View. 

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