Thursday, April 20, 2017

Attempt To Sell On Instagram and Facebook

Today I clicked on many buttons and links to learn about setting up ads on IG and FB. I trembled and quit Safari altogether.

Still not ready, but close...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This Or That

Hah... 40 years old and still fickle. I get bitten by the mid-life career switch bug now and then. And lately, this bug was strong. It got me listing all the potential jobs/career I could have. Well, quite pathetically, there's only 3 in my list.

1) Teacher
3) Business in design

Actually, those my semi-retiring dream jobs. Nothing fancy. Kindy teacher, IKEA cashier or running my small little business online and participating in craft fairs. But first, I always always always do research...

So I searched for colleges that offer part-time courses in Early Childhood Education. I read forums where people talk about their experiences in switching career, in teaching, in everything good and bad about it. It got me all sparked up.

You hear this often, "I left my high-paying job to do something I'm passionate about", or "I'm 10x poorer but 100x happier". I wish I had the guts to make those statements. Or maybe bravery is about shoving those dreams away because responsibility is more important. I don't know.

Sometimes I believe my life is perfect the way it is right now. Stable job, good salary which becomes awesome after the MY-SG conversion rate, wonderful colleagues, fairly stress-less work environment, daily commuting so-so (sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy), have time for family, and HAVE TIME TO CRAFT. What more can I ask for right!

I know a certain person will tell me, "Don't be stupid", while a fair share of folks will encourage me to follow my dreams. Should I be stupid?

- conversation between Mrs Darling and Michael, taken from Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie.