Monday, August 31, 2015

Matsumiya Japanese Artisan Bakery

How on earth did I NOT know this?! This is quite rare, to have a Japanese bakery in JB. Almost like Provence in Singapore. When I hear 'Japanese' bread, the first thing that comes to mind, is the quality. I simply love their breads because they are 'fuller' yet soft, and smoother.

Some of the selections. I tried the chocolate-filled croissant. Awesome! I would like to try them all one day.

The butter roll (on the right side) is splendid. 

I hope we have the time to explore Taman Molek cafes more, so that I can come back to this bakery :)

The Brew Orchestra

I have not explored Taman Molek for years, and wow, so many new eateries there!

Last weekend, we tried The Brew Orchestra at 19 Jalan Molek 1/5C, Taman Molek. This time, I had to bring a coffee drinker since I'm not one. 

Le menu. 


Husband says the coffee is good. I LOVE the colour of the cup.

See these slices of chocolate cakes? It was SO good, we had two slices.

Harley's Breakie. Not bad. The vegemite on toast tasted nostalgic. The sausage is brilliant.

Breakfast Orchestra. Quite the typical all-day breakfast served in most of the hipster cafes now. But this set has that additional sauteed mushroom thingy (the black black one there) that was marvelous.

Another hipster cafe conquered! 

We ventured to the opposite row of shoplots to check out a cute little Japanese bakery... next post!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen Johor Bahru

Remember I blogged about this cool place? Last weekend, I finally went there for food, with ma boys.

It was quite packed! But what I love most about that eatery is the ambiance and space. They don't overcrowd the space with too many tables, so it gives the patrons a breathable and relaxed feeling. 

Love the simple minimalist interior.

Bonus points from parents of active children. The boys kept themselves occupied with this...

...while I kept myself busy with Kinfolk magazines, looking all artsy-fartsy and like a cool mom who got it all-together. HAHAHA *roll eyes*

OK, I have to tell you. The reason why that foosball table is there, is because the wait time for your meals are pretty draggy. I waited almost 30 minutes for the panini and croque madame. They served the cake first, so luckily we filled our stomachs a bit before the main meal. Terbalik wan.

Frankly, the cake did not impress me. The boys soon realized that too, because if it's a good cake, they'd be fighting over it. You want a really good chocolate cake? Get the one from Verbena (Sutera Mall, next to the main entrance, and another outlet in Kulaijaya). This one, not so much oomph.

Roasted chicken panini. Good!

My croque madame. It was OK, quite hard to cut, and quite salty. Our first experience with croque madame was at Maco Vintage Cafe, and I'd rate that one better.

Love their water bottles. It looks exactly like the amber chemical bottles I handle at work. Hahaha.

That's all for my review! I hope to try more hipster cafes every weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Simple and Carefree Weekend

I, ok, WE, baked some butter cookies. I rarely bake because my baking-esteem is very low, ever since I failed Betty Crocker's Cake mix. I mean, WHO FAILS Better Crocker's mixes, just add water for goodness sake. I blame my small pathetic little oven (I did not say this in front of 'her'). 
So other than butter cookies, I bake chocolate chip cookies too. That's all. 

Spidey inspecting the neh-nehs.

Oh I love evenings in my neighbourhood. There are no tall buidlings around us, so we really see the full sky at the padang. I always make it a point to take them to the playground, even on weekdays when I'm back before 7. That's the time when the mosque nearby sounds the azan and the boys know it's time to go home. See, no need mummy to keep shouting, "Time to go home!"

There's this coconut tree with dried leaf still attached to it, and strong enough for the boys to swing on it.

And our jalan is the best one in the neighbourhood because it's sort of like an inner lane, between two main Jalans, so they can ride their bicycles up and down without the traffic worry.

Ever since he learnt how to ride, he has been performing cute little tricks...haha.

The road was freshly tarred. By the way, have you noticed the recent active road-tarring all over Johor Bahru? Even back alleys get serviced. Why, suddenly got budget ah.

That's all folks!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Making The Stamps

It was so fun throughout the whole process.
Yes, it took several setbacks and hurdles, but it was fun and very rewarding to see the products.
I have to say, the only thing I did not make is the rubber stamp itself because I don't own a stamp making machine. I should probably up my game in the near future eh?

My biggest challenge was making the wood mounts. I could easily buy the wood blocks and salvage some, but I needed them to be of several specific sizes. And at first I was averse to the thought sawing more than ten wooden blocks. I wanted to find an easier way, like having them cut by the frame shops since they have automatic cutters and such, but I didn't know how much it would cost, and if they'd be willing to cut 'masak-masak' stuff.

After a couple of weeks of procrastinating, I told myself to just do it.
I bought a Stanley junior handsaw from a hardware DIY fancy shop in Singapore, something I'd have difficulty finding in JB. I also bought a cuuuute mini G-clamp that fit the size of my palm.  I remember using huge ones in school for my Kemahiran Hidup wood projects.
And guess what, it was quite easy to saw! So I was very happy with the straight cuts.
However, sawing 10 blocks gave me a terrible arm ache! Not to mention the sand papering. Luckily the husband lent TWO helping hands *grins*

Next, I smoothen the surfaces, sides and all edges with sand paper. You can see the difference between a sand-papered and a raw block. It feels different too.

Strangely, looking at a pile of sand-papered wooden blocks is so therapeutic!

I feel like biting them.

So major challenge is settled! I had to make the labels for each stamp. I had a sheet of stickers printed for all the labels and I cut each of them out. I applied a coating of Mod Podge before and after sticking the labels on the blocks to give that varnished finish.

Ta da!!


I'm so hyped up. Now I have to figure out pretty packagings for these babies...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My SG50 Weekend

Last Sunday, Singapore, bless her, celebrated her 50th year of independence. Heng ah you pulled out in 1965.

I tumpang bangga too, and spent the glorious 4-days weekend doing everything I had wanted to do.

I cooked, baked, tutored Daniel in Bahasa, watched DVDs and of course, crafted. Heheh.

And here's my kebanggaan of the weekend...

Finally!! These babies weren't made overnight hor. All the drawings, editing, PS-ing, stamp-making (done by my stamp-maker in town), wood sawing, sand papering, sticker-making, cutting, sticking, decoupaging and photo-taking were a two-months-long process. All done at a leisurely pace.

One project fulfilled!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Cafe Racer by Grillbar

The husband brought us to this quaint little cafe in Taman Pelangi recently. He said he had to bring me here because of the Vespas. They are for sale actually! Nope, not buying. I no lesen.

Minah Rempit konon.

Food is not bad. I had this All-Day Breakfast Set. Love the sausages, eggs and the potato crisps.

The burger. Gooooood.

It's at 72, Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru. And it's halal!

Oh, while waiting for our meal, some members of the Royal family came. I thought I could say hi to the hero who has been speaking up about the current national disgraceful events, but alas it wasn't him.

And oh, I have to do something about my lifeless hair...

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

That tone...

Has your spouse ever snapped at you rudely when you ask or comment on something? Or at a tone similar to an impatient and frustrated parent responding to a child's incessant questioning?

Last night at the dinner table, I merely said that the toilet's tank is leaking, and it's been leaking the whole night. That's it. Period.

The husband, God knows what came over him, snapped. In front of our boys, in front of his father.

I kept silent after that all throughout dinner. Strangely, everyone was quietly eating. Usually, Darren would talk a lot at the dinner table, but though he was oblivious to the snapping, he was eating his meal without a sound. I think the husband sensed my displeasure. Who cares, I just decided to put on my resting bitch face.

Because I ain't gonna take that tone with me, mister.

Ok, in his defense, the husband is not the kind who snaps rudely. But he grew up with a father who speaks like that to him and his mom sometimes. No one likes to be spoken to like that right. I think that's why he likes me, because I'm soft spoken and gentle. Haha.

So maybe last night, his father's gene got active in him or something. So I shut him out. It's usually my sign of protest.

Yeah, the resting bitch face rocks.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Age of 5

I've said it many times, 5 is perhaps the cutest age for a kid to be. I have a weakness for a kid's sweet innocence.

The other night, Darren chose to sleep on my bed, well more like toss and turn. This happens now and then. He either creep back to his own bed or really fall asleep on my bed where I then carry him back to his bed. So cute.

So the other night, as we lay beside each other (so cute), I held his hand with my palm facing up. We closed our eyes.

Then he gently, very discreetly released his little hand from mine... like how we moms try to escape from our infants who just fell asleep.


If only every home has a cute 5 year-old in it, this world will be a happier place.