Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Absorbing All The Cuteness

That's what I've been doing all these while. I've become so lazy it hurts. But, everybody gets lazy once in a while yes? It's healthy. I get to stop and smell the roses and I could just look at my boys all day long (if I'm not working). Darren is at the maximum cuteness age, just like Daniel before, and I can't help but feel sad that he's going to grow up so fast and he'll lose the babyness. Forget that, I'm just going soak up all the babyness NOW and not worry about the future. Oh. My. Last. Baby. Ohm nom nom nom nom nom.

I haven't been sewing because Mr Flying Man has been sick. Stitches became ugly, and I tried two things to fix it but failed. So I called the doctor who turned out to be a young chap (mid thirties my age) who brought his Mother of All Toolbox which had stuff I've never seen before. I was expecting an uncle in late 40s! Talk about dying trade. He did his magic and my beloved sewing machine is back!! (touch wood, I haven't done a test run) He even taught me how to use a hemming foot and a free-motion foot. How about that! This guy's a keeper I tell ya.

OK. More fab posts coming up!