Wednesday, February 08, 2017


I have nothing planned for 2017. It's partly because I think I overdid it in 2016. I actually felt guilty splurging last year. So this year, I'm going to save money. DOPE!! I JINXED IT! Don't say don't say!

2016 was an Apple whore year. Because my Macbook Pro was stolen during a house robbery, I had to get a new one.

Then I bought an iPad mini for family use, specifically for the boys to learn and to assist in their homework. But so far, the only apps opened are Minecraft, Roblox, Geometry Dash, Minion Rush and Youtube showing Roi Wasabi aka Guava Juice immersing himself in a bathtub filled with mac and cheese. By the way have you seen the Nutella one? Good luck to him cleaning the bathtub. Also by the way, do you know that children's ambition these days is to become a Youtube star? Can be millionaire wan leh.

And then, I splurged heavily on the husband. He lost most of his beloved watches in the robbery, including a Samsung smartwatch. So I replaced it with an Apple watch since he converted to an iPhone. But I was also torn between the watch and a laptop because his old one was robbed too, and he was looking for a basic one for work. I walked out of Best Denki with an Apple Watch (first gen, with titanium strap) and a Macbook. I actually felt scared and stupid, not because I regretted it, but because I felt these were too much to give at one go. But I think they are useful, practical, good quality products that will last a long time.

Lastly, seeing that my mom's Xiaomi phone is giving her (and me) headaches, I went to find a second-hand 16GB iPhone 6. Mistake! Mummy dearest wants a phone that can keep one thousand photos and 'no need to delete wan'. Actual words from her, "I want to see photos I took from year 2013 wan". Then it struck me. Shit, tech savvy people like us can back up our photos on our computers and iClouds or Google Drive or what-nots, but people like her hoards photos on ONE device. So that iPhone is still in my drawer. I think I will sell it back.

Taiwan in September, Hong Kong in December. Splurged on SQ flight.

That was my 2016. I will not be impulsive this year.