Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Minus One

For the 10th time, I was staring at the blank box on my blog post. Why is it that when I had many interesting things to share, I could never do it here. It's always a blank space. Should I or shouldn't I. I directed my expressions on Facebook for a while, particularly after getting an iPhone. By the way, it's total awesomeness the iPhone.
But it's not enough. It's great for sharing photos and short concise expressions like "Gosh I'm so tired so busy!" or "Daaamn, I look good", but not interesting funny or sad stories that need more story-telling drama like I love to do.

On FB, you can never tell the whole story. And because of that, misinterpretations can lead to a hurtful and an emotional confrontation.

And the loss of an old friendship.