Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I sincerely apologize for the long hiatus of posts. It's not that I abandoned you. I've always been here, staring at an empty template. It's just a digital traffic block, ya'know. Sometimes, I go away and hide in my cave for a while. They say men do this. So that means I have enough testosterone, yes? Anyhoo... I'll be back I promise. In the meantime, here's some tips to survive the haze...

1. Stay indoors as much as possible, preferably air-conditioned and with... see No.2.
2. Air purifiers. Trust me, it helps.
3. N95 masks. Yes, the bra type. Are you still using that dentist type? It's not good enough anymore.
4. Spider plants in da house. They are known as air detoxifiers.

Stay safe!