Friday, September 29, 2006


Another weekend... will be gone in a second.

That was two years ago. Now, with a restless curious itchy-handed boy, weekends are .... non-existent.

Last night, I managed to sit my ass on the couch for a one-hour TV programme called Child Of Our Time. It is a documentary on child development and the quest to answer an age-old question, are we born or made?

In this unique British-based project, 20 babies born in the millenium are observed, and during the 20 years, a massive series of experiments will be conducted to study how genes and environments interact to build a person. The selected 20 babies represent the widest possible range of genetic, social, geographical and and ethnic backgrounds.

It is fun to watch even when you're not a parent, because generally, it is a documentary about life. It is THE reality show.

I will talk more about the show next time, or you may check it out here

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


NO TEA FOR ME... especially after dinner. Not even the harmless teh-o-ais. But what else to drink at the roadside stalls? And what is better than teh-o-ais to go with the popular Johor Jaya Nasi Lemak.

I tucked myself to bed last night at 9.30pm ( record time!) but woke up at 1 am, and had chicken sleep till 5.30am. In that period of 'active' sleep intervals, I dreamt of my schoolmates from Convent. I was a bundle of nerves, and having a persistant nose block (left nasal passage tend to block more) did not help either. Yes, it is my fault, I brought this upon myself, that is the thing I hate most. I chose to have tea at night and I have not been using my nasal spray for nose block prevention. There. I hate myself.

So in my dreams, I was in a house with some familiar faces. I think this is largely influenced by reading Badgurlsguide's blog which is hosted by a few of my classmates from Sekolah Rendah&Menengah Kebangsaan Holy Infant Jesus Convent. By the way, Holy Infant Jesus was dropped after we left school... eons ago. Hui-hui was back from a long trip and some of us were gathering at the kitchen for a little chat and snacks. She freshened up and appeared in a girly country night-dress. That's all. Yep, all I remembered was that frock. Red and white checkered fettuccine-strapped frilly frock with a few ribbon bows. Something you would NOT wear in reality if you want a good sleep or in front of your hubbie.

Then I was in a cafe ordering drinks, and I met my cousins. And I saw KerHui standing nearby, as if waiting for someone. She looked so beautiful! She had this perfect hair, a half pony-tail and her soft curls fell carelessly by the side of her face. She wore this simple black dress, and her lips was Gwen Stefani red. And then poof! Another sleepless interval.

This is going to be a sleepy day.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Zen Home

Just some shots of my lovely home.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How to Make A Bead Lanyard

I have been wearing boring monotonous nylon lanyards at work for years now, like these:

So I went to get some basic jewellery-making accessories and tool, and of course with my collection of beads,

I made a vibrant and lively lanyard!

Well, kind of 'rojak', but that's the trend nowadays anyway. There is still a lot of room for improvements, and I will need practice, especially in making near-perfect loops. It is NOT easy, you need quite a a good dexterity with pliers and thinny thin wires, and lots of creativity and patience. But the fun is endless, when you have all kinds of beads and trinket to mix and match to your heart's desire!

Monday, September 18, 2006


It's been two months since Daniel and I made a trip to Seremban. Paul was there last weekend and a month ago too, on his own since he was travelling to KL for work purposes. In fact, we should've postponed the trip because he had to fly off to KL this morning for a training till Wednesday. So much travelling for him.

This trip was a must anyway. My mother-in-law has been unwell recently, menopausal symptoms and rheumatism being the suspected causes. She did not sleep nor eat well, had joint discomforts and very recently, her feet swelled tremendously. The same doctor she went to, kept giving her painkiller jabs. At this point, I felt she should've sought a second opinion. But being the typical old folk who are strong stubborn creatures of habit, she still trusted that doctor.

One morning at the market, her feet swelled so much she couldn't squat, and her arms went numb. My father-in-law and her panicked. After a few quick arrangements, some relatives came to her aid and whisk her off to a private hospital.

She was diagnosed with systemic erythematosus lupus, a condition of chronic inflammation caused by an autoimmune disease. It is believed that her kidneys were starting to be affected, hence the feet swelling. There are more blood tests and possible biopsies to be performed before establishing a treatment regime.

Now she is on REAL medication, and her symptoms have subsided rather significantly, which is a positive and happy sign for everyone.

During the initial period of diagnosis, she thought her kidneys have hopelessly failed. She was very fearful. I can understand how she feels, being 'uneducated' about biology and medicine. People always have more fear about the unknowns.

When we left yesterday, she asked me when we are coming again. I told her we all try our best to visit as often as we can.

Some say that as we get older, we have less time for ourselves. How true. Suddenly, the clock is ticking so fast I can hardly breath. Every minute in my life has to be decided whom it should be spent with. Friends whom parent just passed away would tell me " Spend more time with your dad/mom, you will regret that you didn't do more when they're gone". OK, more time for my mom, dad and in-laws. And yah, it doesn't help much when my parents are separated, and I am bonding with them separately which means more time has to be allocated for each of them.

And then there is the "Spend more quality time with your growing child" which is very crucial for the development of the nation's coming generation, we won't want any sampah masyarakat (trash of society) now do we? OK, more time for Daniel and his little antics.

Oh, then there is "Make it a point to spend some private time with your spouse to keep emotional engagement going for a happy(ier) marriage" OK, more time for Paul and I ( sex not counted OK, we're talking about EMOtional engagements)

Best one I've heard so far " Have some time for yourself" WOW, you mean, there's ME?? OK, more time for myself, and it starts now.. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Done.

Our parents went through this at harder times. Why do I feel like I can't do it as well as they did?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Macbook vs Maldives

Just an update from my previous post.

I choose both!! Well, kinda.

I placed my order for a white 13 inch 1.83GHz Macbook about 3 weeks ago, only to cancel it a week later.

Because MAC OS X LEOPARD will be out early next year! It is worth the wait. I just love the tag line " Advancing the World's Most Advanced Operating System". So orgasmic.

And for the beach holiday, I can easily take a short getaway to Pulau Rawa or the new boutique resort Japamala at Pulau Tioman at a fraction of the cost and time. Equally orgasmic.

Seriously, I never knew Tioman HAD a gorgeous beach like this.

Rattan Craze

If you happen to be in Johor Bahru and looking for rattan basketry and local handicrafts, do drop by JARO, the Johore Area Rehabilitation Organization. No, it's NOT a drug addict rehabilitation centre.

It's a place I fondly remember in my growing years. And when I visited the place recently, I found that nothing has changed and it brought back those old feelings I had when I was young and carefree. The exterior nad interior of the building is still the same. They still make the same rattan doll house and miniature bed sets. I was so immersed with reminiscing and going through all their products that I didn't take any pictures. Next time.

This quaint centre is a sheltered workshop that caters to the rehabilitation requirements for the physically and intellectually disabled, spastics, visual or hearing impaired and the chronically ill. The inmates have produced simple yet beautiful items from rattan baskets, small rattan furnitures like a child's rocking horse, handsewn ragdolls and animal toys to many household items like letter pocket-holders, tissue box covers, handbags and purses made of the local batik.

I bought a rattan laundry basket and a chest to keep my bags.

Rattans can give a room a very homely and warm effect.

I had these many years ago, but you know what, whenever I look at them, I just feel so nostalgic!

I don't know why, is it the 70's child living in JB syndrome? My biggest regret is losing a yellow handsewn monkey. I still think of it now and then. The soft toys made in JARO are just... different. They're so simple, they sit quietly in a corner waiting for a little one to take them home, but you see so much love and life exuding from their button eyes and embroidered smile. It's almost like a home-made toy made with love by your grandma. Nothing fancy but it's filled with warmth.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Birth of A Celebrity

One of the big news in the entertainment world recently was the first public photos of Suri Cruise on Vanity Fair, a beautiful baby girl of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, born April this year. Amid their joyous occasion, there were dumbfounded speculations and gossips about her and her entire family.

You won't believe what some stupid blardy people can say about her. Here are a couple of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever read:

1. She doesn't exist. She was photoshop-ed. Tom and Katie faked the whole pregnancy and baby stuff up for a publicity stunt. Wah lao eh. Those commenters have no life whatsoever. Even if if it's true , we should at least give them the credit for the brilliant entertainment stunt, no? And then we'll all learn that Photoshop can give us that translucent oh-so smooth fair skin.

2. She has ASIAN features. She has Asian ancestors. She will have Lucy Liu's eyes in years to come. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Those people obviously have NOT seen an authentic Asian bebeh. Real stupid. Imagine little Suri going "Papa, why people so jia lat wan, nia seng go and talk about me lai dat. Basket case la they all" Now, THAT is someting worth a million dollars.

This is the beautiful Suri Cruise. Dark thick mane, blue-eyed beauty. Gosh, she's just gorgeous!

Now, THIS is an Asian baby... my Daniel of course la, hehehe. Almost the same age as Suri when this picture was taken too.

Hold on, oh my sweet mother of cow, do you see a freaky striking resemblance?! They look so good together hor! Except the hair of course. I promise, Daniel wil have a head full of thick black healthy shiny Pantene hair. How? According to Chinese tradition, I will rub his head with brandy. You see, I was a totally bald and ugly baby girl for a year or so, until my traditionalist grandma did that stunt on me.

It worked.

There were some more comments on baby Suri but I was just too amazed to read on. So hurtful. I hope she can have a peaceful painful-gossip-free life, but it is an impossible mission.

Anyway, not all babies are blessed with thick wild mane like hers at birth. Daniel's hair is not even close to what she has now.
See la...

Back from Daze

I lead an adrenaline-rush life, so that's why I fell sick when I took a couple of days off to relax at home. The adrenaline waned off and my relaxed body couldn't fight a throat infection that had led to a mild fever followed by days and days of fatigue and xian-ness. I need to zen.

So, during my recuperation ( but working ), I thought to myself "Life is short, do what you like now or forever live in wonder"

Enough of my monophonic and blue black screen decade old Nokia god-knows-what.

So me got meself a spanking new black sleek turn-me-on Nokia 6233. Woo hoo! My FIRST camera phone! My FIRST polyphonic/MP3 ringtone! Got bluetooth and 3G summore! I just love the keypad and the navigation keys, soft and sensitive. Fast response too. I even kept the plastic protective films on for a week before realizing the reason why my pictures turned out so bloody dull, blur and dark.

And now I can take pictures of robbers or snatch thieves in the act, in case it happen in front of me. The police won't need CSI-standard image analytical softwares to decipher their identities because I will have 2 megapixel quality images. Buahahahah! (action siah!) By the way, I paid nothing for it. Employee personal development fund. $600 to burn annually. Can buy phone, camera, computer and accessories, holidays, courses etc. Happiness.

If I had my new phone 3 weeks ago, I would have shared something shocking with you all. Paul and I were having our dinner at one of our regular food court in Megah Ria, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Like many other food courts in JB, the management provides entertainment in the form of a huge projector screen, showing the local ( well, Singapore's Channel U or 'di ba buo dao' Channel 8 ) TV shows, movies or live soccer on SportsChannel, while the patrons enjoy their meals or have a little get-together of beer and peanuts or just chilling out.

That night, they were screening a low-budget production, cheapo version of something that reminded me of the 1997 thriller movie Anaconda. Must be leftovers from the pirated VCDs boom years back. There were dinosaurs too, exactly like the ones we used to watch in Ultraman & Raksasa Dari Galaksi Neon when we were 5 year old. They were nothing compared to Jurassic Park but I tell you human nature is amazing, everyone still had their eyes fixated on the screen although the raksasa was moving like it was a puppet having spasms, and the script was trash.

Then came this scene at a lake. No, not those lakes with beautiful sceneries like Hero. It's those muddy crocodile dundee lakes. This blonde walks into it to wash herself. First she strokes her platinum blonde long hair and flings it aside and she parts her succulent lips and closes her eyes like she is high on the lake water. Then, SHE TAKES OFF HER SHIRT AND STARTS CARESSING HER PORN-SIZED HUMONGOUS BEDANGDANGS! F***!

I have never heard a SILENT food court for a second. Shy giggles and glances followed. The scene stopped of course.

WHAT THE HELL?! IT'S A FAMILY FOODCOURT!! There were kids, hello! There were chiko lao ah peks, hello!
The foodcourt management should start thinking about censorship boards. Tsk tsk tsk...

Nevertheless, it was entertaining, including the bedangdangs.