Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Oh Why...

... are morons still alive. Natural selection my foot.

1. The part-time model Kartika's caning sentence was postponed at the last minute. The officers picked her up, drove 200m from her house and made a U-turn to bring her back. "It's not right to do this during Ramadhan". I wonder if the same thing will happen this 31st when Kampung Buah Pala will be crashed down. The bulldozers might make an abrupt U-turn too. Then go off to some secret makan place to eat and drink beer while the politicians will make mercy statements like "It's not right to do this now. These people have no homes. OK, I'm going home to my mansion now in my BMW after stopping by Prada to get something for the spoilt daughter. Oh my life is tough". *up yours*

2. Andy Lau. Oh Andy Andy Andy. *shakes head disapprovingly* Why so secretive. What took you so bloody long. WHO the fuck cares you tell me. Except for maybe 3 or 4 delusional obsessive twerps (male and female) globally. The umbrellas stunt was funny. But it's ok, you still cute. You win.

Jeng jeng jeng. Itu saja sekalian berita moron hari ini.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just JB

My route home, isn't it a pretty sight. The sunset, the breeze on tropical palm trees, the straits sea... jam also I don't mind.

Stulang, leading to Danga Bay.

Sometimes I take a different route where I'll pass the latest and ONLY 5-star hotel in Johor Bahru. Thistle. That replaced Hyatt. They cleaned up pretty well. The building is repainted grey now. I hope the staff and management maintains it well. Too many nincompoop slackers around.

The difference between KL and JB is, KL has at least 10 Hottest Chill Out spots and JB has eermm... satu, maybe dua. The other hotter chill out spots belong to ah long, bookie syndicates and are usually at shoplots with heavily tinted glass and neon signboards. Very tasteful you should check them out man. Very classy.

There are ah long cards tossed into my home compound almost everyday. I decided to call them one day from a payphone.

(Me in old-lady heavy British accent) "Hello there. May I speak with Mr Ten (Mr. Tan) please?"

"Halo. Halo? Halo?"

"Yes, hello there. Can you hear me darling?"

"Halo halo? Aaahh.. ya ya ya. Halo. This Mr. Tan"

"Riight. Excellent. I'm Matilda and I've got your card here that says you can lend me money dear?"

"Ah... ya ya. Money. We loan. Where you from madam?"

"Oh, I'm at a mart right now. And I've got pounds money darling, and no local money. I.. I don't know anybody here. No friends darling. Could you come and pay for my lai cheees please?"

(background) Niama ti tiang eh ang moh ah sor ai heng lui buey lychee. "Ahh..."

"Could you hurry please. I need... ahmm... I need 8 dollars and 60 cents darling"

"Aa.. sorry sorry *trying to hide chuckles* We don't. Sorry"

Dead tone.

You think I dare. Hahahhahahaa.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pendidikan Seni

I'm a very hands-on mom (including hands-on spanking muahahaha). I believe in a lot of physical touch, a lot of honest communication, roughplay, imaginative roleplay, teasing, tickling, bonding moments and of course the dirty hard work during the baby stages. There's an indescribable sense of reward when your sweaty messy dirty child looks up at you with that look. The WOW-Mummy-YOU-made-my-day! look.

Now that he's older, there's a lot more fun activities we could do with him. And being a kid, he even finds it a thrill throwing little rocks into the drain. So simple and innocent they are. Truth is, it doesn't matter what we do, he'd find it fun when there's company around.

Last weekend, I introduced vege stamping to him.
Cut a potato in half. Make a quick clean smooth cut. And then carve a shape on the cut surface. For ladies finger or lotus root, just make a slice. Take out the colour paints and have a ball. Easy peasy. Oh ya, prepare LOTS of wipes.

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Real Story about A Real Person

I've seen him around. Lunchtime, seminars, vendor booth events. But not anymore. This is his blog. It's entertaining and engaging. There's a lot more to this chap than a PhD.

Taken from Channel NewsAsia:

Dr Cai Ming Jie became an SMRT cabby last November after spending 16 years as a researcher at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star).

His career switch has become a talking point online after he started a blog earlier this year. Alongside his experiences as a cabby, he takes issue with the circumstances of his departure from IMCB last May.

An SMRT spokesman confirmed that the former researcher is a driver with SMRT Taxis, but Dr Cai declined to add more beyond this: 'All that needs to be said is on the blog online...It should be IMCB that needs to be asked questions, if any.'

The China-born Dr Cai, who became a Singapore citizen, obtained a PhD in molecular biology from Stanford University in 1990. The Straits Times learnt that he did a two-year postdoctoral fellowship after leaving Stanford at the University of Washington, under famed genetist Professor Lee Hartwell, who won a 2001 Nobel Prize in physiology.

He joined IMCB two years later and worked as a principal investigator in the field of cell genetics up till his departure.

A spokesman for A*Star, meanwhile, said renewal of all its researchers' contracts is based on a number of factors, including the time taken to train PhD students, their performance and their contributions to the research institutes and the agency in general.

Dr Cai's work, like that of all A*Star researchers, was assessed by an external Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which recommended his contract be terminated.

Still, in spite of the submission of countless curriculum vitaes and applications to universities, government agencies and companies since he was told he would be let go in 2007, Dr Cai failed to get a successful response.

The former researcher now drives a four-year -old Toyota Crown. 'At a time like this, the taxi business is probably the only business in Singapore that still actively recruits people,' he said.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Can't Stay On Top Forever

What happened to the Number 1 sportsmen around the globe. Chong Wei out, Federer out, Nadal out, and most shockingly TIGER WOODS (the hubs is crushed and refused food and water and sleep). Apa dah jadi ni. Only Lin Dan hao lian seng survived and won.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm blessed with good men in my life.

Bless my dad who takes his grandson out to the zoo on some weekends so that this pathetic exhausted sick mom can rest and feel better.

Bless the husband who spoils me.

Bless the little guy who loves to kiss me all the time, and who brings me water to drink and tissue when I watch a sad movie.

He selca like a pro. (SELf CApture, a more decent description of camwhoring)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Big FOUR

Forgot to post this a while back.

D turned four last June. To make it special, aww aren't all kids' birthday special, I bought a cake and packed some goodie bags to be given to his classmates in school. In this goodie bag, I packed junk food like Mamee, Kinder bar, jellies a box of fruit juice and something else I can't recall.

Snow White. Literally. She's the only girl in class.

Birthday muffins at home.

Sigh... it just seem like it's only yesterday when I saw a little heartbeat in a sac on the ultrasound screen.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Like...

EVERY night, I tuck D into bed. We have our nightly routine. After showers, I clothe him up and give him his bottle of milk. Yes, kids are still suckers to their familiar milk bottles until they turn whatever age.

Then, he chooses a book for me to read to him. Sometimes he chooses a gigantic heavy book which I tells him "No, it's too heavy for me to hold", to which he'll reply "Never mind, we hold together", to which I whine "NOOOO, I DOOOON'T WAAAANNNT", to which he pacifies "OK OK, no no no OK" and he puts the gigantic heavy book away. I am so spoilt.

Then, he settles with one and hands it to me. He hops onto bed next to me and I read to him while he gets drunk.

When I say "The End", he knows it's time to switch off the light.

Recently, I've been extending our nightly routine. After bedtime stories, I'd chat a little with him. Like do an interview on his day. I ask the same questions.

"Did you go to school today?" "What did you eat in school today?" "What did you do in school today?" The usual.

I also ask him "What toys you like?" (he loves this question), to which he always enthusiastically answers "I like...mmm, Optimus Prime, Megatron's friend Starscream, mmm... Optimus Prime..." He loves it when I take interest in his interests.

Last night, after this Q&A, after a short silence, D popped the question no one has asked me before and it took me by surprise.

He asked me, "What clothes you like?"


Omigod, we're like Best Friends Forever!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sweet Child of Mine

On a rare Sunday, P didn't feel like hitting the 18-hole OR the 9-hole course, OR (pinch myself hard), even the driving range. So we all had a loungy lazy Sunday. D enjoys Korean drama too, bless him. That's where he can pick up crucial Korean drama facial expressions like lovelorn, rage, sorrow, comical grin and he does them oh-so naturally.

P took him to the kid's pool to play and he had SO MUCH fun! In the shower, as P cleaned D up, D said " Thank you for swimming" (meaning Thank you for taking me here to have a wonderful time Papa). A BABY still with chubby hands and feet and cheeks said this!

I don't know if this melt your heart like jelly pudding but it did to me.