Friday, January 30, 2009

Cooking Up a Storm

No, there's no pictures of food here. And no, I didn't cook. My sister-in-law did. I have a stack of recipe books at home and I love watching cooking programs, but I have not cooked up a storm yet. Not yet. It's just not my time. I believe, in a woman's lifetime, there will be a phase where she will be the kitchen goddess. Maybe some won't ever be, I don't know, but that's because they have husbands or boyfriends or fathers or helpers who cook like a pro. We call these lucky bitches, lucky bitches.

No Ipoh this time. Just Seremban. Food, snacks, TV, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. No crafting, no internet, no newspapers. That is what CNY has always been about.

Happy Niu Year!

Yours truly, Da Niu

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cool Breeze

I just invented a nickname for our government. WOW. Stands for Why Oh Why. It can also be just 'wow', like in "WOW! Which stupid bastard could come up with things like that! Amazing!"

Actually I have no complaints about the new CIQ Complex except for the bumps. They KILL the low-skirted cars.

The weather has been gorgeous lately. I've been enjoying the evening cool wind and sunset at my patio. It was so lovely I had to take Daniel out to the playground. There were some older kids playing there. He was hit by the swing... KAPOW! Twice. Kesian.
This little bitch on the swing who hit him, said "Padan muka!". He fell, got up and looked so pitiful. But it was amazing to see that the two became friends after that. As if nothing happened. He even followed her to the drain to pee.

There I was, observing and wondering for the first time. How well will Daniel mingle with children of other races. Of course, this is a irrelevant question because children, by nature, are not racist. Indeed they were not. It was funny though, when Daniel first tried to play with the Malay boys, one of them yelled out "Budak Cina! Budak Cina!" It wasn't a hostile cry. It was like an informative one, like "Hey, here's someone we never met before and he's Chinese!" I laughed in my heart.

Daniel soon mingled into the 'gang'. Though he couldn't speak Malay, and they couldn't understand his "Wakamamanowamee..aku?", children have one language in common. Play. Daniel just spoke to any kids there, in the language he is just starting to familiarize with. Just main gasak. Manawakamominamaku?

Gorgeous evening like I said.

UPDATE: The JB customs CHANGED the bumps!!! I'm impressed. Must thank the big shots who complained.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back To Work

Back at work. So uncool. I'm homesick.

My New Year's Resolution is WGAF.

From now till CNY, I'm going to stuff my face with lard, butter, pig's trotters and ice-cream so that I will not look like a Somalian, according to traditional old folks' standards of a healthy-looking person. I have to become Shallow Hal's Rosemary. Speaking of which, there was this scene where Hal is having dinner with Jill, his hot chick neighbour at a fancy restaurant. She was wearing a tube top. And you know how TV angles are... objects are aesthetically positioned to create depth of field bla bla bla.

Daniel asked, "Why jie jie didn't wear clothes?"

Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Joy

These days, I feel so happy it hurts.

Gawd I love my little guy.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Could Not Ask For More

I had this dream day today, and yesterday.

Fourth day into Kindeeland, Daniel now holds his teacher's hand and walk into school, sobbing a little, which I just suspected it's a bit of acting to get attention. When I pick him up 3 hours later, he's singing with his friends while walking in line doing the choo-choo train queue...

(sung in tune of Jingle Bells)
Ding dong bell, ding dong bell,
We are going home,
Goodbye teachers, goodbye friends,
See you tomorrow

And flashing a bright smile.

No trauma, no nightmares, no violent objection. I pray this stays.

We come home, hang out a bit, lunch is prepared, we eat, kid around a bit, watch telly, I nap a bit, I surf the web, we play some computer games, kid around summore in the garden, play masak-masak, dinner is prepared, we eat, watch some telly, bath together, read him bedtime stories, and he's asleep by 9.15pm. Just me and my little guy.

The night is all mine. I wish this could never end, and I've never been so thankful for days like these.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ally's World of Sup Kerang

I forgot I have a blog.

Bo sim eh ok.

Finally I took a break from crafting, and started concentrating on more important things in life like my fashion and shoes. I went on an indulge-shopping spree. I felt like a real woman.

Then I made the biggest decision of my life. I'm now a stay-at-home mom.

For one week. *chuckles*

Daniel attended his first day in Kindeeland today. Second experience since last year, same month. I have been praying very hard that history will not repeat itself. Please no more trauma, no more night terror, no more behavioral changes.

He held the teacher's hand, waved bye to us and followed her into the hall. Some parents stood outside the assembly hall. We didn't. STUPID MISTAKE. Instead, we peeped through the fences and shrubs to see how he is.

He was standing in line with other kids in his class, looking a bit lost. Then he saw his father peering over the shrubs. He started sobbing. He probably thought other parents are around but not us.

This is where I have this to say to all mothers out there. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS.

I wanted to go into the school compound and join the parents. But hubbie told me to let go.

"Let him settle down", "Let him bond with teacher", "He shouldn't see us"

So we continued being secret agents for another 5 minutes, when I had enough.

WTF i just went in. And that was the best decision made that today. He was us and looked so relieved. He still held the teacher's hand. We told him we would be waiting for him. He nodded and smiled a bit and was led into the classroom.

I hope he's not affected by my stupid mistake today.

Back home, he's still the happy guy I know. So far. *keeping fingers crossed*

Another reason why motherhood is great. I get to play masak-masak without feeling silly. In front of other kids. He cooked me sup sayur and sup kerang.

You know the IKEA stainless steel cooking set? Why didn't we have it when we were young.