Monday, May 21, 2018

Teacher's Day Floral Gift from Kaison

This year, I wanted to punch myself for being unprepared... again. How is it that I fail to learn my lesson even after 9 years of having school-going kids! And the thing is, I really really appreciate teachers, and I really really love putting together a kickass personalized Instagramable gift. But every year, my kids tell me one day before D-day. GAH!!

My boys would tell me, "Just get red pens". Yes, actually those are very practical. This year, we added whiteboard markers. I can't remember when was the last time teachers use chalks. Gone are the dusting-the-blackboard-duster-by-the-window-and-trying-not-to-breathe-in-the-powder days.
I included a sweet floral notebook from Mr. DIY and a pack of sweet treats.

There was something I wanted to give to a teacher from Convent, who was transferred to the school my eldest boy is going to. It just happened in January this year and she was devastated, so I wanted to cheer her up.

Found these in Kaison. Lovely! Amazing that I found all these with colour and hue that matched so well. 

After running around like a headless chicken, everything turned out ay-okay.

I will be more prepared next year...

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Patchwork Bag with Fog Linen Fabric Scraps

I was feeling down for some time, feeling uncertain and negative about my future. And worried about my job security. Worried about future's financial situation. Worried about how my family can cope if I leave my job in Singapore. I think thousands of folks have the same thoughts as me.

Then I remembered what makes me happy.

I bought a pack of Fog Linen's Fabric Scraps some time ago and only had the inspiration to do something with them recently.

 Perfect for patchwork! With some little embroidery.

For me!

And I'm happy again :)