Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Moms vs Angry Moms

I came across What Happy Moms Do That Angry Moms Don't.

First of all, I think angry moms are not directly angry at her children. An angry mom has issues she is dealing with and it makes her stressed, tensed, worried, frustrated and unhappy. And we all know that dealing with children is whole issue altogether, so when an angry mom is already trying to cope dealing with her internal issues, how is she going to be this happy lovey dovey sweet talking mom? Ya ya, you can do it if you try, there are ways to do this, you say. But it. Is. Hard.

Anyway, here are what happy moms do or don't do:

1. Happy moms don't expect perfection - I learnt this after 3 years.

2. Happy moms make you happy - I think I do...do I?

3. Happy moms pick their battles - in another words, close one eye, let go of the little trivial things.

4. Happy moms are honest - my glaring eyes means they are going to get it real bad.

5. Happy moms play hard - I used to play hard with my firstborn, then I got really tired.

6. Happy moms really listen - Yes, this I do.

7. Happy moms teach - Yes, I do too.

8. Happy moms choose to be happy - sometimes I don't realize we can choose to be happy. If one can choose so easily, then this whole world will be a happy place, right? So, don't bluff me here.

So, my conclusion is, a happy mom is a happy person first. A happy person is a happy mom, happy wife, happy worker, happy daughter, happy daughter-in-law, happy aunt and a happy friend.

So settle that internal issue first, if you can.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Brotherly Bickerings

So, last week, in fact for the past couple of weeks, my boys have been nothing but the meanest, most annoying, most crazily clashed with each other. It was like a very bad planetary misalignment cosmic clash.

Naturally, I was more harsh on Daniel because he was obviously the older one and I'd expect some maturity and kindness from him. He went on and on like this, FOR TWO BLARDY WEEKS THAT'S LIKE 14, OR 15, OR WTFC DAYS:

"Darren is a baby girl"

"Darren is a naughty girl"

"Darren is a naughty baby girl"

And he'd scoff at WHATEVER Darren says or do. At times, I really feel for the little one for being picked on.

Darren on the other hand, was being bossy, and always insisted on getting what he wants, albeit in an adorable way. At 5, everything about him is adorable, I must admit. Even Daniel was adorable at that age.

But I consciously honestly try my very utmost best to play fair. I'd listen to both sides of their stories because sentencing them. I'd resist yelling (failed miserably last night after Daniel's intolerable behaviour of 'caving himself' in which he totally ignored family members during dinner and that is plain rude and unacceptable to me). I'd tried to lecture in a loving way.

Anyway, I've really had it with their bickering. So I made them time-out from each other like this for 10 minutes, which probably feels like 10 years to them. No talking, no eye contact, no touching, no lip-syncing.

I was impressed that Darren stayed that way without fidgeting, while Daniel was still restlessly moving around. That ostrich position was like his 8th before he really stayed put. I actually checked on Darren if he fell asleep, but he wasn't!

Truth is, every mom's heart break when her children fight. I secretly pitied the weaker or the more naive one, but at the same time I also had to lecture and show that I still love the other one.

I hope I'm not doing anything catastrophically wrong with handling this sibling war thing.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Faber Castell Watercolour Pencils

I stay away from watercolour because I don't like the preparation and cleaning-up. And I'm an OCD with colours. I know I will NEVER mix the colours to the perfect hue. I'd keep going "A little more red, now a little more blue... hmmm, maybe a little more red".... and on and on.

I've had the Faber Castell Watercolour pencils for the longest time, and a lot of leftovers from my boy's collection because they are always losing some colours and I had to keep getting them new sets. And I never thought of applying water on the colours...

...until last weekend. I sat with my boys and was very serious on my work while my boys were painting Numbchucks and monsters.

Newfound joy.

I got obssessed with cactuses.

I'm telling you, Faber Castell colour pencils are really rich in pigments, as good as those professional artists' colour pencils. And what I love most about it is NO MESS! Ha ha.. I'm such a short-cut lazy painter.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Make a Wedding Ang Pow Box

You know, when you really have a passion for crafting, you'll make stuff 
even for people you have never met. 
For free!

So this was for a colleague's friend. Her wedding is looming near, I bet she's a bridezilla now.. har har. And I hope upon seeing this ang pow box, she will hear soft chirping of birds and angels playing harp.

SO... for 200 guests, I rummaged for this 30cmx30cmx20cm unwanted cardboard box. 
Recycling is good for our earth ya.
I used a CD to trace the circle, and then cut it out.
And I got some wadding/padding/batting from Daiso.

 Measure the 4 sides of the box and cut the padding
 (in a continuous strip that covers around the 4 sides)

And then 'wrap' the front side of padding with dreamy creamy satin fabric. 
I used glue here. No sewing.

Adhere the padded satin around the box. Let it meet in the middle of one side of the box, instead of the corner.

Trace the circle on a sheet of padding that is cut to the size of the top.

And do snip around the circle according to the drawn lines here.

Glue the sides of the fabric to the padding like that 'wrapping' step just now.
Then place it on the top of the box and glue the many many flaps under the cut out circle on the box.

The edges were exposed, and even if I am covering the sides with lace, I thought it looked ugly. 
So I blind-stitched the sides.

So much better.

Sew a string of pearls like this.

 I had this strip of gorgeous romantic Chantilly lace to glue the sides. 
And another smaller lace for the circle.

Final touch. The happy couple's names, hand lettered. If you can't write modern calligraphy, just print the names in a fancy script font and stick it on the front of the box.

I hope the bride likes it, and everyone put in MORE moolah!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Bowties bowties

I made more clip-on bowties.
And I made Darren model them, which he cheekily obliged.
Free child labour... nyiah nyiah.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Evangelione's Soft Launch Opening & Pop Up Store

T'was last Saturday, 30th May. Two days before that, I found out the dollmaker was having her soft launch and a pop up store, so instantly approached her if I could have my handmade goodies there. And she said yes! It felt as if Martha Stewart said yes... oh I'm still reeling from the thrill. The actual fact was that I just wanted to inhale her entire shop...hahah.

The night before, I prepared my tags, price tags and namecard. I also frantically had my shop description re-written on my Facebook Aruri's page. 

On the day itself, I woke up a little feverish, but I just had to go through the day as planned, because I have waited for an opportunity like this since I set foot on Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and ever since I followed Evangelione's blog. How amazing is this, I'm going to finally meet the dollmaker herself AND to display my handmade stuff on my beloved street! Just too good to be true. So no little fever was going to stop me.

Frankly, I groggily packed my merchadise and wondered how am I going to lug them and the two restless boys to a tiny creative space, with no arcade entertainment and stay there for 5 hours. And we haven't had lunch. And I don't know how it was going to be.. awkward, or surprisingly soulful. But as I said, nothing was going to stop me. I just wanted to go. And bless the husband, who came back in time to lug us to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. That's why people always say, support from loved ones are very important! 

We reached before 1pm, right in front of her shopfront, which I realized was just opposite BevC. Daniel was my logistic assistant, and Darren was my PR exec (pillar of confidence). I always get a little jittery when I meet new folks! 

The moment!! I finally met Yeo MeiYing and she is so down to earth! 

She calls herself Tako Evangelione. That's her, second from the left, and her lovely artisan friends, Miss Heather (in pink), KURI handmade leather goods (two sisters on extreme sides), and Joan Wong (in polkadot), owner of Naoj's handmade bead jewelry.

Everything about her and her shop was so rustic, simple, down to earth, homely, handmade and heartwarming. She quickly set a space for me to display my goods, and after that I excused myself for lunch with the family first. Just a few shoplots down the lane, we had simple delicious noodle soup and yong tau hu. Then the husband took the boys back while I went back to Evangelione's.

My day had begun. I was there, soaking every magic and inhaling the space of awesomeness in that tiny cozy little shoebox. 

The illustrations are the work of her brother. It's the genes I tell you.
There weren't many of her dolls on display. Oh I was disappointed. I was so ready to give her my money...haha.

That's Heather, who does watercolour painting. And next to her are handmade storage/display wood cases!! ZAKKA!! Tako bought wood panels from Daiso and made them herself. In fact that day, she effortlessly made a simple display rack for Joan, in 30 minutes. *jaw drop*


Sigh.... this girl, has my dreams too. Someday, I would love a creative space like that. Small, breathable and filled with limitless imagination.

Oh, did I tell you? I sold a fish plushie toy, a five stones game set, a wristlet and a card. Evangelione herself sold almost all her dolls on display! She had avid fans especially from Singapore. One lady came by herself despite her friend's omigod-JB-so-dangerous warning, JUST to buy her dolls, and then go back. WHAA!! All the way...

Most of the folks who came are her followers and some are passersby who looked as if they saw a candyhouse... it was so fun watching people passing by and taking pictures.

My dream is finally coming true for the little magical Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. And my ultimate dream lives on... 

Till we meet again!