Thursday, September 22, 2011

On My Way Home Everyday...

What do you think of during your journey home from work everyday?

I randomly think about:

1. I wonder how's the traffic is at the customs.
2. What shall I make tonight? A pouch? A new card?
3. What fun project can I do with Daniel this weekend?
4. What supplies do I need to get?
5. Darren is so cute, can't wait to hold him and smell him.
6. I wonder what it would be like if Damien is around, I'd have 3 boys to wrestle with!
7. What shall I make tonight? A pouch? A card?
8. What supplies do I need to get?
9. Is tonight 'sexy' night? What should I put on?
10. Darren is so cute.
11. Will Daniel grow up to be a good teenager and a good man?
12. How are my parenting skills up to date?
13. Darren is so cute.
14. Is Paul going to be home before me? I would love that.
15. I should surprise him with a nice facial or massage.
16. I should call my mom.
17. Darren is so cute.
18. Should I have another baby?
19. I should call my mom.
20. I wonder what time I'll get home.
21. I want to make bento lunches for my family.
22. I want to quit my job, sell off my Golf and live a low-maintenance simple life.
23. I need Josie, my miracle domestic helper.
24. Should I have another baby?
25. Darren is so cute.
26. What new design can I create for a card?
27. I want to redecorate my home.
28. I want to quit my job, sell off my Golf and live a low-maintenance simple life, AND redecorate my home.
29. I wonder what Daniel has been doing all day at home. I should create daily projects for him to do.
30. I should settle some bank matters.

Repeat until arrival. Gosh! No wonder my brain is tired when I get home!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sleepless in Puteri Pediatric Ward

7 September. Our 1.5 yr old Darren had been on Augmentin for a cough and fever for 3 days but didn't seem to get better. Fever still came back. But he was still rather active. But that evening after his nap, he was just sitting on my lap, almost panting, and inactive. When Darren is inactive, something is amiss.

At 11pm, we brought him to Puteri Specialist Hospital after a GP's advice. This was our first experience as parents, admitting our child in a hospital. Strangely, I wasn't as freaked out as I would have been if it was my first child. I was rather relaxed, positive and excited. But what followed after we went into the A&E ward did tear my maternal heartstrings a bit.

We had to strip him and a nurse whisked him away to bring down his temperature by PUTTING HIM UNDER A TAP OF RUNNING COLD WATER. They say they do this to prevent fever fits. He was also quickly given the fever suppository.

Then barely dried, we had to do a chest X-ray by holding him down on the cold hard table. The husband held down his thighs, while I held onto his arms and shoulders. Both of us wearing some protective HEAVY bulletproof apron. This took less than 5 minutes. I was expecting to see an x-ray film but everything is digital now!

We went back to the A&E ward where the doctor diagnosed pneumonia. Mild, beginning stages. Consolidation in the lungs present, that means the cloudy area in his lungs.

Now they had to insert the intravenous line into his little hand. How do they do this to a conscious screaming wrestling child? I had no idea because they drew the curtain and ordered us to stay out. After what felt like days, we got to hold him, and his little bandaged IV-ed hand. No, it's not over. He has to get the neb. And he hated it. The nebulizer mask is known to inflict fear, hatred and trauma to toddlers. I know the fear part because at one point during administration, amidst his cries and screams, he muttered 'Scared'. Oh my heart sank. This is the hardest part of being a mother. You know your job is to protect your child from what he fears, yet in this situation, you can't stop it because it's for his own good.

The drama was over. We went up to the Peads Ward and checked into the High Dependency Unit. It was midnight and both of us were still wide-eyed reeling from the thrill. The husband brought me the lazy chair provided by the hospital, and I told him to go home. Darren's fever had gone down since and was back in action. BACK IN ACTION TILL 2AM! He had no problems falling asleep on his new crib, whereas I had problems falling asleep on a non-bed, in sub-zero temperature, dry air and no quilt.

So, for 2 nights, he was back in action, on antibiotics, fever-free, 4 hourly nebs... whereas I was zombified, dehydrated and delirious.


We went home on Friday. And then, I was down. The baton is in my hands.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Craft Geek DIY: How to Print on Glass Jars

Print-making art has been around for a long long time, and it's versatile, easy and fun. There are various ways to make a print ie. stamps, linoleum blocks, wooden blocks, and even potatoes (remember that primary school art project?)

In this post, I will show you how to decorate your unused, unwanted glass jars and bottles.

You need:

1. Your glass jars of course. Washed and wiped dry.
2. A printout of your design. Either print it on a laser jet printer or have your design photocopied. Do not use inkjet printers.
3. Clear sticky tape.
4. Mod Podge. There are a few types, get the hard coat, or check if it is suitable for glass surfaces.
5. A paint brush.
6. A bowl of warm water. Preferably a pretty little bowl because it makes you happy.

Here's how you do it:

1. Stick the clear tape over your printed design. NICELY. FLAT. SMOOTH.

2. Cut it out, near the edge of the design.

3. Soak it in the pretty bowl of warm water for about 20-30 minutes.

4. Rub the paper away using your thumb. The paper would be pulp by now. Rub away until you see a clear sheet.

5. Stick it on your glass surface. it's pretty hard to shift position once you place it on the surface. The tape would still be sticky.
Press and wipe away all excess water. Leave NO air bubbles between the tape and the glass surface.

6. Do a few if you like.

7. Open a jar of Mod Podge. It is WHITE but don't worry, it becomes clear when dried.

8. Paint an even coating of Mod Podge over the design and around it.

9. As you can see, Mod Podge is clear when it's dried. But I wonder why my tape is not entirely clear. You can see the uncut whitish area around my design. I will use another brand of clear tape next time.

Have fun!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mooncake Festival Electrical Lanterns

It's time of the year again, for the loud annoying electric moon cake festival LANTERNS with REPULSIVE techno kiddie music!

If you have a child of 0-4 years of age, and have doting grandparent(s) and aunts and uncles, and live in Malaysia, chances are you will have one of these at home sometime this month.

See that little speaker there? It looks harmless, yes? YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

Here's how to mute it. No, sorry, you can't ever mute it unless you run it over with your car.

Here's how to muffle it. Go to your stationery supply shop and get some of these Tack-It sticky thing. Cover the speaker with it. A pack of these can cover 50 loud annoying electrical lanterns.

You are welcome!!

Friday, September 02, 2011


Like R.E.M said, Everybody Hurts. Happy Healing.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Little Party

Last June, I prepared a little something special for Daniel's 6th birthday celebration with his kindeemates. This is how you pack a goodie bag. That tub of colorful clay set toy was a bargain, $1 each.
Instead of a cake, you get muffins for each kid (I hear the teachers go "OH THANK YOU!!! NO CAKE MESS!")
Every muffin has a name flag. Oh. So. Cool. His friends LOVED it.
6 is a fun age. Baby, you grew up too fast!