Friday, October 23, 2009

Straits View in a view

A lot is happening at the southernmost part of Malaysia.
Flyover in the process. The grey building in the background is the new-ish Thistle that replaced Hyatt.

Extending the coastal line at Lido and Straits View. If Singapore did it, we should do it too. Soon, Singapore and Johor will be just 5cm apart if we keep extending our coastal lines.


This week, after 2 months of an uncomfortable first trimester, I was able to finally sew something. A customized pouch for a wedding couple.

LOADS to do! Daniel's BJ Loves Giving Love story scrapbook, planners, calendars and printing. I'm going to fry myself this weekend.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Craft Mojo

It's back. I want to DO something. Sew, cut, paste, stamp, design, anything! I look at my sewing machine and my craft corner eagerly but I have yet to do anything solid. Too many ideas too little time!

Gosh, it feels good to be close to normal again after the horrendous first trimester. Now, I have an obvious baby bump. I'm wearing my maternity pants from today onwards. I'm still belching now and then from a bit of reflux, but it's waaaay better than before this. I have felt the baby's kicks and movements, though not very frequent so I'm wondering if this is a less active baby than D. Maybe it's still too soon to tell.

In the meantime, I'll see what I can produce this week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

School Project

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the word 'scrapbook' in D's newsletter for parents. We're to create a story and make it into a scrap book to be submitted in two weeks. We gotta ace this one, I mean, I HAVE to be the ONLY mother in JB who has all the professional crafting/scrapbooking tools man!! I got alphabet stamps, chipboards, fancy papers, fancy stamps, paper punches, ribbons, fabric, blings, cutters, Gocco, I GOTTA SHOW OFF!!!

The only thing lacking now is a solid story. Whenever I try to think of a story, I have this cheeky smile on my face, because the title of the story has to be...

BJ Loves Giving Love.

I KNOW!!!! It sounds soooooo wrong. Try to Google it. I told D the title, and I swear he repeated this, "BJ Loves Kinky Love?"

BJ is like this Kindeeland's mascot. It's a monkey. And we need a story about BJ who has all the love in the world to give. Any ideas?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Old JB Custom


I'm actually standing at the Mobil Station where you'd see the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles approaching the customs to get to Singapore. Now, it's just peaceful.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Are you Single and Ready to Mingle?

Spotted at the intersection junction between Taman Molek and Taman Johor Jaya. Something that surprised me because I'm probably out of touch with the city and this event is rather unheard of in JB.

It is a bachelor party for singles, and will probably be taken advantage by those who are prowling for an easy fling. But there is an admission fee of RM198.

It says, " Whether you're from Singapore or Malaysia, do not waste your golden weekend". Sounds dubious to me, so I checked the website stated in the banner.

Ah, so des. This party is organized by Innovmect & Globalink Sdn. Bhd., an exhibition and event specialist based in Johor Bahru. It seems like it's a fairly new business company and I found only two events under their portfolio so far. What I'm curious about is the motive of this Bachelor Party. Maybe it's just for publicity. Very unusual event.

Wait a minute.... it could be a secret orgy party *gasp*.

Friday, October 02, 2009

My Unwanted 'Tenant'

Some time back, we had a rodent problem at home. A little mickey mouse moved in, trying to be part of our family. It left little 'souvenirs' here and there and freaked me out. Eventually, I Dettol-ed every surface at home.

One night, we caught the bugger. I can't remember how, thank you placenta brain.

There it is, precariously hanging on to life.

We had accidently kiap-ed his tail while closing all the ventilation windows. Does this make the hair on your hands stand? Mine did.

It's legs, trying to get hold on something to stay there. With the tail trapped, it hung upside down, but frantically getting up to latch on something.

I felt sorry for the little booger. But it is rodent! And there is a child in the house and I can't risk it coming back again.

It was gone the next morning. Tail and all. I wonder how it escaped.