Thursday, June 28, 2007

Little Dragon Ladies

Who are they, you may ask?

Maids from China who are known to break marriages by having affairs with the husbands, and dumping them after all their money is used up.

Gosh, I didn't even know China is into the maids business. I'm pretty sure a Chinese maid is efficient, smart, sensible and hardworking... maybe too smart already.

WANITA MCA will agree to allow China maids to be employed if that issue is solved.

WANITA MCA is smart I'd say. Such issues will never be solved. And never ever underestimate what a China woman can do!

Though I am also Chinese, but this is purely a geographical culture difference.

So, would you hire one?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wallop you then you know!

Quote of the day :“If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent.” -Bette Davis

I made a startling discovery few days ago. I am 30 years old, and my right feet is smaller. So is my right breast. And right eye.

How bizarre is that. I'm a walking asymmetrical disaster! With 5 more new shoes... which in the process of buying has led me to this discovery. Money well-spent.

Yesterday, we officially became Chinese parents.

The little one loves washing his hands in the sink, and playing water while at it. I was doing my thing by the kitchen sink, and he was standing on his stool so he was able to reach the sink. There he was, relentlessly playing. I usually give him 5 minutes. Then I say "It's enough. No more washing hands. Go down" He refused, and kept on. I gave him the ultimatum again. He whines pathetically. Usually, my approach is ignore his whining, and giving him the "No" lecture intermittenly, until he stops on his own. With this approach, I hope he learns that he can't get what he want by whining and crying, all acting if I may say.

His father took out the cane, in the form of the feather duster, which I bought initially solely for dusting, and hanging unused since eons. He gave the whiny brat a short and fast stroke on his calf. He was crying for real this time. Now, standing on the floor, both knees slightly bent, he reached for that calf and uttered with his mucus-dripping mouth while sobbing very sadly, "Tong Tong" ( Pain pain in Mandarin).

Talk about pulling parental heartstrings... or rather, maternal. I truly understand the old adage, it hurts you more when you beat your child.

I knew sooner or later, the cane would have to come out. But I am never the one holding it. I am the 'cool down corner' type.

Who's the daddy eh.

It's amazing how a child can forget about it after 5 minutes and continue having a relationship with the cane-holding monster. Of course, every 'lesson' is accompanied by explanation, then kiss and make up.

I understand that Westerners and alike, cannot condone use of physical punishment. Instead, lots of talking and time-out are used, which I agree, support and try to implement. But being Chinese, or Asian for that matter, the cane is still the ultimate disciplinary tool.

Of course, being more educated and modern now, we no longer yell and pull our kids ears in public like what old aunties do in the market. We simply do the lecturing privately. Caning is only reserved for the very serious crime, in the confines of the home. Not because we are afraid of a commonly-used well-known-like-in-America toll free 1800-Saya-Nampak-kanak-kanak-Kena-Dera line, but because we acknowledge and respect the child's pride.

We can't escape our roots.

I think we're on the right track here. He wasn't very whiny anymore after that, in fact he had the take-it-like-a-man kinda attitude.

"NO, I can't destroy your phone? Fine, I'll destroy something else". And walks away with his chin up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quote of the day: The new root of evil is drugs...

... in JB. Possibly monopolized by the organized crime syndicate led by Chinese. Thank you KJ for that interesting article that opened my eyes.

Money no longer make you high.

And Enrique Iglesias is a swinging single again.


We've decided to move to my pre-marital home. My dad has his own pad now, a cozier, easy-to-manage two bedroom townhouse nearer to his office. Once he move into his new pad, we will start refurbishing the old, dirty and dull double-storey suburban terrace house. I'm so excited. I love restoring old stuffs and to make it look new.

It's a logical move. I will be relatively nearer to the causeway. My dad, and mom too, will be able to visit more often. Eventually, my father-in-law will retire and move here, and there will be an extra room for him. And we will hire a maid! Oh, perfect!

1. Replace floor tiles in kitchen and the entire upper floor which is originally parquet. Termites problem.
2. Remove wall cabinets in kitchen, and repaint.
3. Replace cabinet doors under the kitchen counter and sink.
4. Fix new stove.
5. Replace tiles, sink and toilet in master bedroom bathroom. Build a counter and cabinet under the sink.
6. Apply fresh coat of paint on iron grills and walls.
7. Polish marble floor.

I love transformation.

Oh gawd, then comes the millions of little things...

I am tempted to build a small dip pool in the garden area. It'll be tight, but very minimal spa-like. It'll be like Bali right at my doorstep. While I'm at it, might as well, knock down the walls, and build extra space, and 5 more storeys. Then buy my neighbours houses, knock down the walls and *alarm clock rings*

That'll be nice huh. Sometimes, I close my eyes and imagine my dream home makeover, it feels so real it's enough. In my mind, I already own it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something going on...

I read The Star Online this morning. My heart froze. It's the second case of terror-ride-gang-rape assault THIS WEEK. What made my heart froze was that it happened in Johor Bahru. The places and the roads that are familiar to me. And it happened not at an ungodly hour, but at the hour when the roads are still busy and when people are still seen around.

Before I go on , read this - Another woman gang-raped

Agent Mulder in X-files once said, "To catch a monster, you have to be one".

Or think like one.

Where are the agent mulders in our police force? At least someone has the passion to solve crimes.

What are connection between the two cases? Similar modus operandi. In both cases, there is a man and a woman, in a car. Assailants, in a group of 4, in PARANGS, either ram into victim's car and immobilize it, or attack at a petrol station when the man is out of the car. In both cases, victims were taken on a terror ride to another place, isolated. In both cases, man's leg is slashed when he tried to escape and the woman is gang-raped while he watched helplessly.

Striking similarity if you ask me.

Duh, the police would have figured this out.

Were those victims selected randomly which would be the case of at-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time? Or were they victims of revenge? Or victims of a gang-police showdown?

Why was the abduction committed at a petrol station at 10.30pm when there are people around? Weren't the assailants bothered about witnesses?

Why didn't the assailants kill the victims who could become key witnesses?

Did they let them go so that some kind of 'message' is sent to the police? To the public?

Were the crimes planned by a mastermind? Someone whom the victims offended big-time?

If so, did the mastermind hired a group of foreigners to execute his act of getting even? After all, it's a win-win situation, the mastermind is never revealed, the foreigners get paid a big sum (in their currency perhaps, but peanuts in RM), they commit the crimes quickly, and right now, they are on the way back to their homeland where the police will never find them again.

The victims are left with nothing for justice.

I can't help to speculate that these crimes were committed to 'stir' the Johor Police force. Something going on for sure...

I also can't help but to wonder what took place in the car during the hours of terror-ride? There should be some conversation right? The victims could've asked them why they are doing this. Maybe they were negotiating a deal... a "We'll let you live, if you make the police belive you are raped, make this news BIG, pressure the police, make them see what WE are capable of. BUA HA HA HA HA HA"

Drama drama drama.

But seriously, in times like this, I can't help but prepare myself. I can have all kinds of weapons for defence with me, but will it help keep me alive? And will I be able to think fast enough to react?

The trauma of rape is unimaginable. And I hope it'll never happen to me and my family and friends. But driving pass the roads and the places where it happened, makes me feel eerily close to the crime.

May I survive.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Women's Best Asset

Quote of the day: Take your work seriously, but never yourself -Dame Margot Fonteyn

By the way, Dame Margot is one of the greatest ballerina in the 1940's. Which reminded me of the time I took ballet classes for a year when I was 10 or so. Everything we wore were baby pink, and I had fun, until I saw the intermediate students wearing this training ballet shoes that was made of wood at the tip so that it trains your toes to point on the floor when you dance. Those were heavy ugly shoes. So I stopped, and studied science instead.

And speaking of shoes, these are what I own. Funny thing is, out of the 14 pairs, I only wear one pair most of the time. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say.

Too many? Too few?

Some time back, I heard this on the radio. A zoo German is hiring clowns to entertain the monkeys and gorillas, because the primates were getting bored, and displaying aggressive behaviours. And in another part of the globe ie. Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan is named the Most Dangerous celebrity, whose bodyguards need bodyguards. One of her bodyguard quit because he has been under tremendous stress to keep her alive during his shift. She does coke, party like there's no tomorrow, and assaults people. She's one wild child, too much money and fame these kids nowadays.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Still breathing

Quote of the day: Do something nice for yourself. Do nothing.

Still wondering what is causing my breathlessness and weak state of late, I stayed home yesterday. Doing nothing but watch TV and lying down as much as I like.

It didn't make any difference. So now I know it's not stress.

I went to see the doctor about it. Turns out I have tonsilitis. She gave me a mirror and showed me my swollen tonsils filled with pus. That's funny, I don't feel any sore! I also took a blood count test, which I am anticipating a low white blood count, caused b the infection.

As cliched as it sounds, I realize life is nothing without health. There are so many things I wish I could do, but can't because I'm physically not capable of right now. Any strenuous activity can make me short of breath and light-headed. I'm just not myself.

And because I have come to appreciate what I had, when I get well, I will plan for a short getaway.

In the meantime, I will fight this like a warrior.

At least the little soldier who loves Yakult is giving me support...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Things I Do

IKEA's cardboard chest

MakingMemories Stamping Tool Set

Alphabet stamps, individual letters.

One word set-up


Final work.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Quote of the day: Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.
My sickness spell is not over. I remember I said one after the another. This time, I am having dizzy-kindalike-brain-cannot-catch-up-with-my-eyesight spells. Sometimes I even feel like I'm at the verge of a panic attack or a breakdown, like I'm gonna crash and not wake up. I still haven't got my stamina back. What is wrong with me?

Note: I am not pregnant.

I am just tired of life I guess. Always on the move, always something to do, always always always.

The hubbie is also slowing down. He says we need a holiday, to somewhere we can just relax by the pool/beach and rot.

Anyone been to Krabi?

Anyway, there's always one person that I can never get tired of. My dear two-year old sweet boy.

On his birthday, we got him a cake, sang him the b'day song, and he blew two candles... again and again because he enjoys it so much.

Not the typical children's cake as you'd expect, like those Mickey Mouse ThomasNFriends Power Ranger cakes. I end up finishing all of it, in 4 days.

Wo yao kai-kai!

My Dad and I then brought him to Danga Bay later that evening to enjoy the fun fair. But poor thing, because he is still small, he can only watch..

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Magic of 400 Threadcount Sheet

Quote of the day: My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

When I enter my bedroom, I immediately feel the urge the hibernate. And whenever I am in bed, I don't ever want to get out of it. This is the effect of my new Aussino 400 threadcount bedsheets. I'm just totally konked out by it. As comfortable as sleeping on my own skin. Even the little one is taking longer naps...

It all started when one of my colleagues, an Aussino member who had her birthday last month and who was entitled to 40% discount on regular-priced items, invited me to shop with her. My first Aussino buy. Now I regretted not getting more...

I'm now an Aussino member!

Aussino bedwear and sheet are a lethal-hibernateable combination.

The only thing that can keep me awake, is SEX.... & The City DVDs. Tee hee... So cool, it's a bound book with hard velvet bubblegum pink cover, and it contains the synopsis of all the episodes plus pictures of popular scenes in the series.

Go ahead, indulge in threadcounts...