Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Noise Sniffer

If you have an iPhone and some kids, it's quite fun to play with this app called Noise Sniffer.

Last night, my toddler was crying out of hunger, my 6 yr-old was incessantly going "MUMMY, LOOK! MUMMY LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" and a plastic elephant toy was blaring it's digital elephant trumpet on the floor.

Immediately, as an opportunistic fun individual, I grabbed my iPhone and switched on my Noise Sniffer apps.

It read 105 dB. "Extremely Loud"

On a daily basis.....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To My Dear Boys: About You

Dear Daniel,
You are an awesome kid, I mean it. TRULY. You're like my BFF from the start, almost like my soulmate. I love chatting with you when I tuck you to bed every night, we're like friends who share secrets and our innermost fears and desires. Though you're 6, you seem to understand and feel a whole lot more than I can imagine. I know this will cease when you're older so I'm cherishing every moments of our mom-son chit-chats.

You are a sensitive, compassionate, loving and expressive boy. You have shown your care and concern when I needed it most. When I was unwell in bed, you'd pop into the room and ask me if I wanted something to eat or drink. And you'd cover me with my blanket, and touch my forehead. And that turns my heart into mushy goo of warm fuzzy love. You have also shown strength and maturity beyond your age in time of crisis. When I was in hospital, and your papa had to manage you and your brother in an intense situation, you tried to help as much as you could. When your baby brother was screaming and crying in his carseat, you distracted him, entertained him, sang a lullaby and soothed him to sleep, and you did all these on your own while your papa had to drive. Your papa and I think you did a KICK-ASS AWESOME job. TRULY. You worried for me silently, and you were brave. I'd give you 11 stars out of 10.

Don't ever forget to be awesome. *high five*
ps. I think you'll be a romantic guy who gives flowers and writes love notes to your lady, just like what you do for me now.

Dear Darren,
You are an awesome baby, I mean it. TRULY. If all babies were fun and easy like you, I can have ten of you. Your demeanor is almost like your brother when he was a baby. Sweet and cheerful. You are such a delight. These days you cling to me like a panda. I love how you wrap your little arms around my legs and you stick your head between them, and whimper when you want to be carried up. EVERYTHING you do is adorable, including your tantrums and your cute little crunched up face when you cry. But the best moments are the ones when you look at me with your two round Precious-Moments eyes and flash the most genuine sweet smile in the whole world.... that turns my heart into a mushy goo of warm fuzzy love :)

Be awesome everyday.
ps. I think you'll be into cars like your papa.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I really hate to post this again but yaaaaa... it's another dead baby post. Bear with me.

Last night, I started revamping and reorganizing my craft room. The husband was out for network drinks. Yay! Free time for me!
I found a slip of paper and it took me 5 seconds to realize what it was and then I just broke down. My entire body stopped to allow the tear duct to launch big-time. What's strange was that it was TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL. Like I was looking at myself as another person and going "WHOA,WHOA, WHOA SLOW DOWN SISTER, WHAT'S GOIN' ON!"

There I was, kneeling on the floor, clutching the slip of paper, as two souls, one wailing out of control and another wide-eyed jaw-dropped flabbergasted. If there was a conversation, it would go like this:

A2: YO, wassup.
A1: MMMMMM MMMMMMMM (trying to suppress cry)
A1: I *gasp gasp* CAN'T *gasp gasp*
A2: Come on, it's over.
A1: FUCK YOU IT'S NEVER OVER! *sob sob sob*
A2: Okaaaaaaayyy... Let's talk about it then
A1: *sob sob* *sniff sniff* No. MMMMMM MMMMMMMMM
A2: *whistling Katy Perry's Last Friday Night tune*
A2: *finished whistling the entire song*
A1: *sniff sniff*
A2: You okay now?
A1: Shut up.
A2: Let's continue putting stuff in the boxes, okay?
A1: Ok *sniff*

It was a Permit Menguburkan b/o Lau Lei Yin.

"for me it isn't over" by beth retro

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fine Dining Tera Thai @ JB

Back for second photographical review. The first one is here.

The gorgeous colonial bungalow.

As usual... when the food comes, my camera is tucked away. Next time, I promise!

Anyone needs direction?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rough August

The brain is an amazing organ. Subconscious memory is an amazing phenomenon. Usually, PMS moodiness don't linger for more than a few days, but it did. I have been upset, teary and melancholic for two weeks. I checked my diary and apparently I had my pregnancy weeks recorded until week 18. I counted forward. This week I would be at my 37th week, the same week Daniel and Darren was born. So I figured, this must be the week Damien would be born too.

So, I think I should commemorate his phantom birth with a tattoo of his name. Damien18 or D18 but the latter sounds like a durian's strain doesn't it. We'll both have a good laugh :)