Friday, February 26, 2016

New Mac

Old Mac Pro robbed. 


Wait for credit card replacement.



Get replacement credit card.

Order 13" Macbook Pro with retina display.

Receive Macbook Pro within less than 24 hours. YAY!

Turns new Mac on. 

"Why are the photos on my blog and on my Etsy shop blurry?"

Oh no...

*trying to figure it out*

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Monkey Year

Sigh... monkey already turned my house upside down.

On Tuesday, the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year, we came back to JB and found our house was broken into.

The first tell-tale sign was the auto-gate, slightly tempered with, as if someone tried to force it open. While the rest waited outside, the husband climbed over the wall fence and did a cautious surveillance.

The iron grill at the window was removed. Uh-oh. This is bad.

He couldn't turn the electricity back on no matter what. Then he found the cable at the meter box loosened. After reconnecting the cable, the electricity came back. Smart fellas. CCTVs would be shut off, if we had one.

And so, we found mess after mess, in each rooms.

Our bedroom was quite a mess. My closet was rummaged wildly. My wallet containing ONE Singapore UOB credit card, and ONE bank ATM card was gone, along with some cash.

Clothes were on the floor, except for the hanged ones.

My chest of drawers for keeping my bags collection was opened. Almost all the bags on the floor. I bet the robber was hoping he'd find some Hermes, Birkin, Prada or Gucci. All he could find are handmade zakka bags. Sorry dude. Hey, handmade also got high value OK.

OK, I will not divulge about how much we lost because we are in the midst of an insurance claim procedure. Bless my dad, he bought home content insurance. Well, we are still not sure how much we can recover.

The most valuable thing that was stolen, was my MacBook Pro. *sob* That's why I can't upload any photos yet. It was more than 5 years old but still working perfectly. Thank goodness I backed up my stuff. Especially my designs.

My craft room. Guess what the robber took. A collection of my plastic beads. Don't ask.
Maybe they look like precious gems.
This could be by far the most tedious place to rob. Because I can see the poor fella gave up halfway. After rummaging a few boxes containing a collection of pretty notebooks, envelopes, cards, paper, fabric and NOTHING WORTH MONEY, he probably went "Waste my time only!"

We cleaned up pretty quickly. This was a fairly cheap lesson for us to learn. NEVER be complacent! Our neighbourhood has been the safest so far... well, never say never!

The next day, the husband found an unfamiliar umbrella at the side of our shoe cabinet. So he opened it and found the tool used to pry our window.

I just pray and hope karma comes to the robber.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I have been buying a lot of workbooks for my boys to do after they come home from school.
*evil mom*
I have to. Daniel's Bahasa and Darren's Chinese are atrocious.
Malu if they say they are Chinese Malaysians.
And God Bless Facebook and my friends who posts pages and links for primary school related learning materials.
I also made my own English worksheets.I searched a few grammar websites, compiled and created my own questions. Felt so accomplished!
So, every weeknights before I sleep, I check their work and for Daniel, I'd explain his mistakes and corrections by writing it on the workbook. Something like texting, but on site. Hahaha. Then I assign him new pages to do for the next day. And on weekends, I try to tutor them in person.

So these kinda occupy my craft station now. I have not been crafting lately, so no pretties to show and tell for now .

The only craft I have been busy with is designing rubber stamps. So far so good!

Huat ah!