Monday, January 23, 2006

Bite Me!

Yes folks, it is true.. the formidable bald fat biting monkey exists. Armed with two incisors,a pair of unstoppable hands, and an exhausted mom,Daniel The Destroyer can damage a magazine beyond recognition. And yes, they seem to aim for wires, sockets and knobs. Macam anak anjing saja, hampalang mau gigit, mak bagi kasut baru tau dia.

Daniel chills out and enjoy his first experience in a hammock. Mummy wants one too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ventolin for infants

My heart sank when babysitter whom we affectionately call 'auntie', advised me to get The Sarong for the little restless monkey. He refused to nap, he wakes up crying and is unconsolable, and he is just restless all the time. All this while he didn't need The Sarong, why now? I vowed never to use The Sarong if possible, that'll be the last of the last resort. And reality just slapped my face. I suspected the medication. Turns out... it was one of the medication he just started 4 days ago. The culprit was Ventolin, a bronchiodilator, prescribed for coughing infants with a lot of phlegm ( very common ). Ventolin helps the helpless little one breath easier. Also prescribed if asthma is suspected, or want to prevent. The common effects of the syrup is palpitations, chest pain, rapid heart beat, tremor or nervousness. So, no need Sarong in the meantime! Phew! Poor Daniel... Anyway, this was a very valuable lesson. It makes you become more in-tune and sensitive to your child's needs and behaviour. And to mothers out there, trust your instincts !! I'm glad I did.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Want to jump with me?

Ahh.. it's just one of those days I feel like lazing around at a pool like this. Anyone planning this year's vacation? Or too soon to tell. I'd prefer a makeover for my home sweet home. Oh yes, I'd love a pool like this on my frontyard, but that would mean digging a big hole in my pocket and to my neighour's driveway. That won't be right, especially my pocket. Perhaps a little verandah, with dark wood floorings, a suspended rattan swing to waste the evenings away with a good book, garden table for a romantic outdoor dining and lots of hanging potted plants to create a cozy enclosure from the harsh world out here. Phuaaah! Onz siah! Eh, but where can I hang my clothes then? Never mind, rattan swing more important, I can wear wet clothes.

Till then, I will enclose pictures. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Little Chicken HAD Chicken Pox

In case you haven't seen a 4 months old infant covered with spots, here it is. I have not extended the picture to his kookoobird to give him some pride. I won't forget those nights my husband and I took turns to cradle him to sleep ( and I love you for that! ), feed him medicine, give him medicated bath and soothe his on-and-off crankiness. Not all that bad, he was still a cheerful baby, never failed to break into a big toothlesss smile when I sang twinkle twinkle little stars to him. There are still some scars left only on his body, which leaves me pondering, he is not eating prawns, crab, chicken or food with black sauce, how come still got scar leh?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Terrible Road Condition in JB

Worst I've ever seen in many years driving in JB. Big holes, small holes, loose gravel, badly damaged roads everywhere! It could be due to the perpetual rain for the past one week. I wonder if the roads are made with poor material and poor workmanship in the first place, hence easily damaged by bad weather conditions. If so, why the hell is the MPJB using so much funds to beautify the second largest city in Malaysia with expensive streetlights whereas the roads are horrendous? Sigh, the price we pay to tolerate the city and society's transition of attitude and the journey to become are real TRUE city.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

WHOA!! New JUSCO in JB..again

It feels like I was walking in shopping mall in KL, like Mid Valley. Opened on the 4th January, Wednesday, the date most probably chosen based on Japanese almanac, was crowded like..literally hell ( oh we love to sin) on the weekend and on Hari Raya Haji. People of all ages, in fact I think everyone in JB was there to check it out. Boasted with international brands like... wah, dunno where to start, Guess, Calvin Klein Jeans, NafNaf, Dorothy Perkins, British India, wah dunno when to stop, it targets young execs, wearing MAC make-up and Elle power suit. I know I suakoo, but this is the first time those franchise are in JB. Majority of aunties think that it is an expensive place, "Cannot buy wan, look see only, will only consider if there's sale". I totally agree. There's this high-class shop selling high-class flower arrangement, where I walked in thinking it was selling individual fake flowers, this high-class promoter with excellent service happily told me " Maam, everything in here is 50% off"... WAH, I so happy, woman mah, hear the word discount sure happy wan. Then I looked at the price tag... RM 500 per flower arrangement. So I high-classly walked out of the shop after one high-class round.

Can it survive? Let's see... will update in future, with extrapolated patron-ship results and plotted charts.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sports Channel is on

HAAARLOOOWWW! TV on mama don't exist anymore la? I cancel your ASTRO only you know...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Key to Success and Failure

Someone once said, I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. Oh, how true... I am exhausted today from running around pleasing everyone yesterday. But I was the willing party. I whisked Daniel off to a day of adventure, starting with lunch with my daddy dearest and short dip in the pool. Not me, just Daniel and his grandpa. Like Neo seeing the matrix for the first time, Daniel was ternganga for the whole 10 minutes. Then off to see my good friend who comes from KL every now and then but seldom get a chance to meet up. Lastly, my mommy dearest... oh, mommy dearest. The one who loves saying "Oh, you see your father never come and see me la". The one who loves saying "I'm so lonely and bored at home" one minute the next she's saying "I have no time to wash my clothes". One word for her, attention. But I don't blame her entirely. I should say the key to failure is being the only child of a separated parents, and being a hardcore pleaser. Doomed... doomed.