Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Tease Boy

The 20-plus-th week scan which is also called an anatomy scan was exciting. My 'replacement' gynae is a thorough one.

Sometimes, I'm really amazed at the doctors who could really read an ultrasound scan of a fetus. The doctor could see the nose and the lips of the baby's face and I'm like... HUH, what did I miss? What is that shadow? What is that thingy moving?

I'm also amazed at how he could zoom in to view the beating heart, and all its chambers and walls. The spine was easy to see of course. Then we looked at the diaphragm the tissue muscle separating the thorax and the abdomen. All is well.

Then, jeng jeng jeng. I wasn't really hard up to know about it, but E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E has been asking me to the point that it made me curious too. The thighs were close together at first.

"Oh, ooo, could be a girl" Doctor made a guess.

And then, this baby is such a teaser, the legs actually slowly opened at that moment to reveal his you-know-what. It was a funny moment. Definitely a boy. Unless that's the umbilical cord. Or maybe an obscene finger gesture.

What a thrill. Everyone hoped I'd have a girl. Isn't this natural? Well, I think it's a still blessing. A child is a gift indeed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One week At Home


My wonderful helper tita is in Philippines this whole week for a short vacation, so am I. At home. But I'm still sorta working. I have 50 wedding invites to finish, and other than that, I must say I have obsessively done some items for my etsy shop and for Nature Recipes.
Some of my favourite things for now.

Packaging packaging packaging.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a weekend

Baby2 has been moving quite furiously. Maybe it's because I'm a kanchiong spider today. So many things I want to do! From labwork to my craft projects.

I've been given a corner space to display and sell my handmade knick-knacks! This natural product-themed shop is in Permas, and I've yet to visit it. Now my ideas keep pouring in and all I need is time. Pouches, bags, noteboooks, notecards, gift tags, calendars, all need to be rushed for the Christmas season. More hand-printing, gocco-ing (I HAVE to blog about this), stamping and sewing. I need my clones!

Weekend was gorgeous.
Lontong. Sedap.

My backyard. Josie planted ladies finger... they're sweet and have big seeds. The chillies get eaten by rats.

Wash crabs, steam crabs, eat crabs. Not me though. That's not Josie ya, that's my aunt from To-kee-yo.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Mine is Longer

The other night, at bedtime, D brushed his little fingers across my eyelashes left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left.

Then he felt his own eyelashes and said , "Mine is longer".

Shit, it's true. I hate him.


Another design coming up soon, slightly different. I have stuff to make, guests visiting and D's graduation 'concert' coming up this weekend. Crazy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Love Making...


How to Make Ally's Potato Salad
1. You boil some potatoes. With or without skin, up to you. Without the skin, you might risk making potato soup if you forgot to switch off the fire after 3 hours.
2. Let the boiled potatoes cool down. Then peel the skin off.
3. MASH the potatoes.
4. Add mayonnaise. Preferably a good brand like Kraft or Japanese ones. This makes the difference. Not too much, not too little. You gotta judge for yourself here.
5. Add some salt and pepper. More pepper for me please.
6. MIX.
7. Add Japanese cucumber, they are sweeter and have less seeds. Chopped or small quarter slices.
8. Add chopped small red onions.
9. OPTIONAL: You may add chopped hams if you like.
10. Mix again. Store in fridge and serve cold ala Samantha Jones for Valentine's surprise in Sex and the City Movie .

Have fun.