Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The VolksJohore Jamboree 2014 @ Sutera Square

There was mega vintage VW gathering last weekend at Sutera Square (open space in front of the Sutera shoplots, PapaRich being one of them). The peak time was actually on Saturday evening where literally ALL the VW owners brought their Kombis, Beetle and this other model I have not seen before, and gathered at one place for a jamboree. So fun! But then, stupid me, I missed that peak timing. I went at night, and that place wasn't well lit and my pictures end up dark. So the next morning, I went back with my SLR in hand... alas, almost 80% of the cuties were already gone. Sad. So I walked around and enjoyed the remaining vans there... Oh, the ecstasy. I almost kissed one.

At least I own two of em' in my house! Heheh.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Desaru Ostrich Farm

Two weekends ago, we took a ride to Desaru (work related) and explored some areas there and took the chance visit Desaru Ostrich Farm. This is what I love about Johor. You want city life, we have it, you want laidback kampung family entertainment farms, we have it!

After a delish ayam penyet lunch at Sungai Rengit, we continued our journey to Desaru beach and stopped by the ostrich farm on the way.

Rustic charm of Johor. I wish that gold Honda was a Kombi or a vintage car instead. 

The shopfront.

Souvenirs made of ostrich eggs and feathers.

Ostrich oil products.

Entrance fee and some adverts.

A day old ostrich.


The have other birds as well.

An educational talk on ostriches and their eggs. These guys are seriously the expert.

Pano view!


Feeding the ostriches. They let you buy a bunch of these vege/leaves for RM2. I can't remember the name of the plant but it is said to be the best.

These birds have no teeth so little kids can feed them quite safely. Heheh. 

The egg can withstand 100kg of weight! Note: He is NOT 100kg. 

WOW. Can feed family of 6. We adjourned to the eatery next to the farm's shop and had ostrich egg omelette. It tastes 'eggier'. They serve a lot of other food related to ostrich meat too like fried rice, bak kut teh, satay etc.

Gorgeous feather. It looks very glam. But the pen's ink is dried already I think.

Adds up nicely to my home decor!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Some nice finds...

I must say, I can control my shopping very well now. In fact it doesn't even feel like I have to control it, it just comes naturally. I just don't feel like buying anymore things. But mass producers of pretty things are just vicious... and sometimes I indulge if it is a 'lifetime opportunity' thing and if it won't burn my purse.

I collect notebooks. Period. This one from kikki.K, a Swedish stationery brand, is a must-have.

These two linen totes from Typo was going for $2 each, and for some foundation. Just gorgeous.

I hope this doesn't come back with a vengeance...

Thursday, October 02, 2014

No Bake Air Dry Clay Play

Oh man, this is long overdue. I had some fun with non-baking air dry clay. I took a couple of weeks to finish up all the clay I bought, and had to leave them to dry. The manufacturer recommended at least 24 hours, but I just left them to dry for a week before painting them with acrylic paints, and then glossing them. here are pictures if you'd like to see!

I bought white and terracotta clay from Art Friends.

Bowls as moulds. I press lightly for the clay to take shape and then gently remove it from the bowls when they are still soft, then shape it nicely again with hands.

I also tried this lace-press technique.

I find this a better mould. I could easily remove the clay.

I also made some clay pendants/ornaments.

Painted, drawn, and glazed.

Now I don't know what to do them. LOL!