Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today Is Behind-Slow-People Day

Don't you hate slow drivers who don't realize they are hogging the road, leaving a trail cars behind them? They are the ones who cause traffic congestion! Let's face it, the world is getting faster, things moving faster, prices going up faster, babies are learning faster too. Then there's this group of people who cannot catch up on the road, but hey, still want to drive on the over-taking lane, and some who can really test your patience on a single lane main road. Well, this is how it works now, the fast ones think "Why is that stupid @#$% driver so slow!", and the slow ones think "What is the hurry? Take it easy lah". This is what you get when you have old people with not-so-good vision, young people with drive and raging hormones, people who are late, and people who just want to jalan-jalan makan angin on the same road. Like it or not, the slow ones live longer and has the last laugh... boo hooo hooo

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Of Mums and Babies

As parents grow older, they become more like babies. As I have discovered over the years, my mommy dearest and I have our countless encounters of little fights. And I always wonder, who is the petty one? Who is the sensitive one? Who is the UNreasonable one? Who started it? And we take days of silent who-gonna-call-who-first approach before one of us initiate dinner. This sounds like a couple fighting and making up. But in this case, I have to be the one to pujuk right? Of course, needless to say. So who is the baby now? I guess life is like a cycle. I'm going to be a baby down the road, and Daniel is going to hate me... like the saying, "You're not a parent until your kid hates you" I really don't know what to do sometimes, and I feel bad even when I'm convinced I did nothing wrong. I feel like an evil heartless ingrate deserve to burn in hell. But why did my parents' problems became mine? Why do I have to carry the luggage of your past folly? One good thing I've learnt is, bear the consequences of whatever decision and action I do, don't regret doing something, don't blame it on everybody else, and let the past go. She's still hanging on to her past, and has so much angst inside, she'll never be happy and content. And I've been hanging on with her, I'm getting tired, I need to let go and live my life too. But deep down I want to be by her side and make her happy...

Pirates Ahoy!

Company Dinner Party, Pirates Theme@Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa. What a pity, me hubbie and me did not have the chance to explore Sentosa Island because we reached when the event was about to start. Next time, we'll bring Daniel when he is older, especially to the UnderwaterWorld and the dolphin shows. Our table was the luckiest I think, we grabbed 4 lucky draw prizes, including the 3rd and 2nd... 3rd prize was iPod nano that went to my colleague, 2nd prize was Panasonic DVD recorder and player that went to *drum rollllllll* me hubbie! Not bad siah, the prizes getting interesting by the year. Of course cannot compare to those multinasional firms where first prize is trip for two to Africa. Anyway, the games, the food, the performances were fun and I hope there will be a party next year too!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Drool factor

Can anyone else beat this specimen of perfection? Once in a blue moon, nature does some fiiiiine work, and bless us womenfolk with something as delicious as this to feast our eyes. Enjoy... Guys, don't feel bad, it's natural selection.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Korean drama fever

If you have time to burn, or no time to burn, I recommend these korean drama series to watch, Full House and My Lovely Sam Soon. The characters are so funny and real, not to mention gorgeeooouuuus! But the language is hard to pick up since they speak fast, so subtitles is a must. The lead actor in Full House is called Rain/Bi, and is a hot singer, R&B style, has a very good and sexy voice. The soundtrack of Full House ( at least 3 songs in there ) are rather addictive too. Currently, my hubbie and I are chasing My Lovely Sam Soon. God, one of the actors in there is ****ing gorgeous! I've never seen such a good-looking species! So, if you have the chance, do catch. You won't regret it I promise.

Monday, March 20, 2006

My exciting weekend

Daddy mummy took me to Euro Fun Fair on Friday night, wow, so many colourful lights everywhere!! Too bad mummy forgot the camera (she getting old already). Mummy took me to sit on a choo choo train that went round and round, then on the merry-go-round that also went round and round, then on the ferris wheel with daddy too. The air up there is so cool! After that I dozed off on daddy's shoulder. While I was in slumberland despite the loud music, daddy played dart games and won a Mr.Bean bear for me. It was fun, next time I want to ride in that giant swing that flings people up and down like King Kong.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Second Home

I sit here my whole life. Well, it feels like forever sometimes. Many of my most intense thoughts take place here as I wait for my data files to load. I think about life, I think about my loved ones and I think about the cute bag at Jusco Tebrau City.
Everyone's bitching about everyone and everything, I'm bitching about it too, then at times, I stop... to think about.... the cute bag at Jusco Tebrau City. This is it, our lives are driven by wants... and of course bills, bills, bills. And lives clash with each other, let's accept it, be it neighbours, rude drivers, slow drivers, intellectually-efficiency-challenged service providers, ex-lovers, your own mother, anyone, lives will twist around. Isn't it wonderful.
Just a thought, and a tribute to my comfort zone... hmm, that cute bag at Jusco Tebrau City...

Mega Feast

My in-laws keep bugging us to go back to Seremban because of this dish. Must eat together with a lot of people. Not bad, but hubbie and sis-in-law's boyfriend lao sai the next day... too tonic. It starts with prawns, mushrooms, 'yee piu', on the top layer and as you go along, you find more new things inside, like chicken meat, sliced abalone, mini scallops, roast pork, clams, forgot the rest, all simmered in a gigantic claypot. I wonder if this is a new dish, never heard before, I think it's called something like "poon choi". As usual, Daniel the rubbish truck sapu a bit, just rice and the tonic gravy and some minced scallop. Sluurrrrrp!

Monday, March 13, 2006


We got to meet up finally, at MOS burger, something new for AiWah, hey. Next time, we'll go to Holland Village to try out the food scenes...hehehe. Food glorious food! But I'm still skinny as ever, got cacing, no, got ular sawa in my stomach. Gosh, I'm bored with my hairstyle, heck, it has no style to start with! Must go for treatment already...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Am I Wild or What

This is called The Trojan. Daddy can be my hairstylist, Mummy only sweep my hair sideways, like nerd. How to talk to girls like dat? Was supposed to meet Aiwah and Waihar at Seok Shin's place on Saturday but turned back because the jam was quite bad, so we ended up jalan-jalan at City Square. It would've been a fantastic gathering... what a pity. Hope there's a next time ya.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Is there enough space for breathing?

Can things get any worse? The floods, the increasing bank loan interest rate, the crimes, the traffic, the oil price, oh, gahmen, hit us, hit us hard, c'mon, give us your best shot! Fine, we will change our lifestyles, if you change yours too. KEEP your promise for a change will ya hunny? Angry hor... Gahmen say it's for the development of the nation, why not invest in Proton and Perodua to design solar-powered cars? Hor hor? Why fund RM3mil to send some lecturer to North Pole expedition? Sigh.. the gahmen and its people, such a complicated relationship. We ain't see eye to eye but we have no choice. Makes you wonder doesn't it, where is all the money going to? Actually, don't have to wonder, I'm sure we all know *wink*
SO, let's change our lifestyles... again. Here's what we can do to ease our financial rock:
1. Bring back the trishaws and kereta lembus. The kids will love it too! Fun ride for everyone, everyday! Yippee
2. Shop at Carrefour. They are reducing their prices to help the struggling public like you and me.
3. Instead of 4 maids, just hire 3 maids... Oops, sorry, this is for the high-society-rich-people-who-probably-are-not-affected.
4. Go on diet. We are eating too much. Cut down on your growing children's food intake too. Like gahmen say, we must ALL take responsibilty, regardless of age. No more nen-nen for today! Quiet!
5. Work in Singapore or London. Yes, contribute your power to another country. After all we are a patriotic bunch.
6. Save on new clothes. Wear our parent's hip-n-happening clothes in the 60's and 70's, if they still keep it. Don't forget the shoes.
7. Car pool. And drive without air-con to save fuel. Throw that hair-dryer away, woo hoo!
8. Stop going to cinemas. If you have to watch a movie, get the pirated DVD. Eh, wait, gahmen don't allow leh. Ah, go to hell la.
9. Take train to work, the gahmen says. For those other states without LRT, your problem. That includes people of Johor, Malacca, Seremban, Kedah, Perlis, Penang, Perak, Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak. Eh, this ain't right..
And last but not least.... 10. Stay patient and loyal to our gahmen. Pay our taxes on time. Tolerate the stupidities and unreasonable policies. Accept the way things are. Gahmen must also accept the 'fingers' from the people.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Maam maam!

Last weekend,I cooked ABC soup, mashed up the potatoes and carrots, add a bit of Marmite and mix it up real good. He loves it. Then again, he loves anything that can be eaten. Our friend here is eating solid rice already, don't really like porridge. But amazingly, he still must have his nen-nen at the end of the day. Getting more like father too, loves the newspaper and the remote controls. I don't know what the future holds for him in this world that is getting harder to live in sometimes. I know things are never the same now, and I wish he can enjoy the carefree innocent childhood we all had. Will he find happiness? Will he be a good kid? How much will petrol costs when he starts driving? A parents' questions never end, so will the unconditional love.