Thursday, July 28, 2011

To My Dear Boys: About Marriage

Sometimes, we forget that a marriage needs work and attention too. In fact, constantly. But when work projects and kids consume your daily life, it's easy to put it aside. The danger comes when putting it aside becomes a constant thing. The marriage gets cob-webbed and still.

That is what my hormones feel today. It is usually a passing phase, but I have never recorded how I felt during these 'possessed' phase. So here's a little insight.

I feel like the world is unfair. Unfair towards women. Especially working mothers. Whose husbands are businessmen who needs to network-drink and network-golf with similar businessmen and their drinking/golf buddies.

Take a look at this scenario. When the husband is stressed at work, he goes for drink at night. When the stressful project is over, he celebrates by playing golf and/or drinking with the pals. Now, when the wife has a stressful day, she still comes home to carry out her daily responsibility of making sure the kids are alright, done the homework, or deal with a cranky child. And when everything is settled, all she wants is a good shower and a husband to rub her feet or just blow-dry her hair and talk about anything under the moon.

Like I said, that's what the hormones feel today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Void

When I was pregnant for the third time, I created a space in my heart for another child to love. I think this happens with EVERY pregnant woman.

And then, he was gone. The space is still there and I can't seem to fill it up, not even with my two existing amazing boys. Nothing can fill it up. Weird isn't it.