Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Advanced Birthday Presie

Daniel will celebrate his second birthday this Friday! Tomorrow is a public holiday in Singapore (Wesak Day.... yes, different holidays for Malaysia and Singapura), I'll take leave on Friday, and that makes it a looooong weekend!

Anyway, one of the packages I received from Amazon were also baby einstein DVDs. I bought the first one, the Numbers Nursery in Gramophone, S'pore. SGD34!! NOT cheap for a half an hour show, but they have some bonus materials in the disc also la, which are extra learning short sessions. The little one sat still throughout the entire show. Now, he actually remembers the sequence.

Baby Einstein award-winning educational show for infants and toddlers. Highly recommended!

I wonder if he concentrates this hard in school next time.

That's not all!

Play-Doh is fascinating! It's smoooooooth, non-toxic, and doesn't leave the waxy feeling on your hands after playing with it.

The ultimate desk! Bought from Toys R Us.

Baby Gap classic white-schoolshoes canvas lace-ups. It's still a lil' bit large for him though, but I couldn't resist!

More show-n-tell coming right up!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Another weekend

Quote of the day: Knowledge comes, but wisdom stays.

Yet another weekend gone in a blink of an eye. But it was good nonetheless. I am feeling a lot better than the past couple of weeks. I had the haircut I wanted and boy do I feel so light and bouncy! Finally, I cut off my old curls that were getting draggy.

I love Photo Booth in the Mac! Just took this a few seconds ago!

My exciting weekend started with a visit to a friend's baby's full month party. Paul's friends actually. The guy used to be JB's most notorious bachelor, and the girl was a decent part-time model. Beautiful couple I would say. So, when their baby arrived, everybody wants to see the 'product'. Ok la, still too small. I forgot how newborns look like, gosh they are so tiny! Newborns are actually much robust than they look. That is why you see the infant ward nurses scooping the newborns in the speed of light and changing their nappies in 5 seconds. I remember I was horrified and amazed at the same time watching the nurses clean the babies up. So pro!

The next day, dinner was served at the convenience of my neighbour's open house party. Renovated-new-house party to be exact. Now, my house, beside it, look like the original unattractive dull house from the outside. Sigh... REVAMP!! REVAMP!!
It was a cool fun evening and we practically owned the Jalan Gunung 37.

Next day, the hubbie left for KL early in the morning. I had cravings for strawberry jam and butter sandwich. So off to Tesco I went. I bought a toaster, a RM19.90 Global brand two-slice regular toaster. Damn cheap! This is the first electrical item I bought with cash siah! I also learnt that Tesco manufactures panty-liners too! Cheaper summore.

I can't get rid of the shopping bug. I think I will do more damage these few days...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Outsmart Your Toddler: 5 tricks for getting yours to do what you want
By Deborah Carpenter
The battle lines were drawn: It was me against him. And he, my 2-year-old, was a formidable opponent. I lay in wait by the stairs, a pair of size-2T sweatpants clutched to my chest. Catching Kevin and wrestling him into his clothes reminded me of the day I tried (and failed) to catch a greased piglet at a county fair. At least with Kevin I didn't have to worry I'd end up face-down in the mud. Suddenly, my slippery little boy popped up from behind the relative safety of the sofa. Our eyes met. He squealed and bolted for the kitchen. Game on!

Somehow, my master's degree in psychology had lulled me into the mistaken notion that motherhood would be a piece of cake. I knew the latest child-rearing theories. I'd handle behavior problems with finesse.


Never did I envision how challenging raising a stubborn and feisty toddler would be. Thankfully, I've now learned several great toddler-taming strategies that work quite well. Sometimes, I've found, you need to save the "I am the parent! Do as I say!" approach and try a little creative thinking.

Act like an idiot

"Even the most defiant toddler will take pity on us if we seem like total incompetents," says Harvey Karp, M.D., author of the DVD and book "The Happiest Toddler on the Block." The trick is to convince your child that you should be helped, not resisted:

• Be forgetful. If she's refusing to put away her toys, pick up a few and put them not in the toy box but in some other unexpected place, like the bathtub or a kitchen cabinet. When your child balks (she knows where things belong, even as young as 2), say innocently, "What? I'm putting your toys in your toy box!" She'll likely take pity on you and help you put her stuff where it really belongs. ( "I did it myself!" )

• Be wrong. Next time you foresee a battle getting your toddler in the stroller, try squeezing into it yourself. Chances are good she'll announce, "That's mine!" Finally her possessive streak is good for something.

• Be incompetent. Put your coat on backward and place your shoes on your hands. Say, "I'm ready to go, are you?" She'll laugh, straighten you out, and get her own shoes on for once.

Don't worry: Your child won't really think you're a boob, says Dr. Karp. This is just a fun tactic, like playing hide-and-seek and pretending you can't find her.

Become a silver-lining expert

Want to avoid disaster? Pretend everything's great. Your attitude, and the way you handle disappointments (big and small), can greatly affect how your child learns to do the same.

• Use positive language. The right words can lessen the blow of letdowns and make mundane tasks seem interesting and fun. For instance, the day 3-year-old Josh Boswell had been looking forward to going to the playground, it rained. Rather than let him sulk and stomp angrily around the house, his mom, Sue, of Pepperell, Massachusetts, said, "This rain is wonderful! Now we get a chance to have that indoor picnic I've been planning for you." Josh was intrigued -- an indoor picnic sounded at least as much fun as going to the playground. "Turning disappointment into delight is part of the magic of being a parent," says his mom. "The silver lining is almost always there. You just have to learn to point it out." ( Raise a kid who bounces back )

• Teach your child to look on the bright side himself. If things don't go right (the cupcakes fell on the floor or his best friend isn't at preschool that day), ask him to think up something good about the bad situation. He might say he's looking forward to using a different icing color or that now he can draw a "get well soon" picture for his pal (you might need to coach him at first). Play this game often and your child will automatically learn to look for the silver lining.

Try reverse psychology

You say "yes," she says "no!" You say "no," she says "yes!" This verbal tug-of-war is frustrating, but actually it's a healthy declaration of her growing independence.

There's even an official name for this stage. "When your child doesn't want to wear certain clothes or taste new foods, it's called 'the oppositionalism of toddlerhood,'" says Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D., author of "The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting."

The solution? If you want your child to do something, like put on her socks, pretend you don't want her to do it.

One strategy I used to get my daughter, Kaylin, then 2, to try new foods was to deny her first few requests for them. At dinner I'd put two foods on her plate and four foods on the grown-up plates. She'd stare longingly at our full plates and say, "Me want that!" I'd reply, "Sorry, pumpkin. These foods are for grown-ups." She'd keep asking, and as she started to get frustrated, I'd ask, "Do you really think you're old enough?" She'd shout, "Yes!" and scoot over, holding out her plate. She couldn't eat her broccoli fast enough.

And when I want Kevin, now 3, to get ready quickly, I pretend I'm in a big rush. "Me come, too?" he'll ask. "No, honey, Mommy's in a hurry today. Why don't you stay here with Daddy instead?" My son, who always prefers an adventure to staying home, will dash off to the closet to get his shoes and jacket. When he returns, I say, "I'm not sure you can get ready in time to come with me." That gets him to start hurriedly shoving his little arms into his jacket sleeves -- and then I say, "Wow, you really can get ready quickly!" He beams with pride and allows me to finish zipping him up in record time. Say goodbye to the old capture-Kevin-and-yank-his-clothes-on-while-pinning-him-to-the-floor maneuver.

Reverse psychology works by using your toddler's natural desire for independence (also known as defiance) to get what you both want. Just be sure to use it in a playful way -- and not so often that he gets wise to you!

Say, "Yes, but..."

Amanda Paolucci of Newington, Connecticut, loved playing outside when she was a toddler. She'd press her nose against the screen door and plead to go out. "She'd throw a colossal fit if I refused to let her," says her mom, Julie. But once Paolucci learned the "Yes, but..." trick, Amanda's tantrums subsided. Instead of saying no all the time, Paolucci now says, "Yes, Amanda, you may go outside, but after dinner." Or "Yes, you may ride your big wheel, but we need to wait for the rain to stop."

Toddlers are a lot more cooperative if they just know when they can do whatever it is they want. The younger your child, the less patience she'll have to wait. So sidetrack her opposition by offering up another activity with your "Yes, but." You could say, "Yes, you may have a cookie, but first we're going to make dinner together," or "Yes, we can watch Dora, as soon as we've picked up your toys." She'll fight a "no" -- a "yes, but" is harder to resist. ( Little hands, big help)

Stay a step ahead

Although most toddler battles are caused by hunger, fatigue, or frustration, it's easier to recognize those things after a tantrum starts -- and after a few slices of apple would have saved the day. So staying a step ahead of your child is not a quick solution so much as a smart way of thinking. It comes down to consistent routines and reasonable expectations, so you don't have to be a toddler mind reader. Keeping your child on an even keel can be relatively simple: Try to make his basic needs -- food, sleep -- a priority, and not something you squeeze into a busy day. ( Tantrums 101)

• Put him down for a nap before he seems super tired.

• Feed him several small meals to keep his blood sugar (and mood) level.

• Give him plenty of encouragement -- he'll be less inclined to flip out when something goes wrong or he doesn't get his way. But also think twice before you make life unnecessarily hard on him. If you're thinking of braving the mall with a tired child -- don't. The notion "maybe I can just squeeze in one more errand" has been the downfall of many otherwise rational moms. Some of my finest parenting moments (and by finest I mean horrifying and humiliating) have had me half-dragging, half-wrestling my thrashing, wailing, screeching toddler out of Wal-Mart. After public tantrum #36, I finally caught on to the idea of setting limits -- for me. I now limit toddler-accompanied outings to less than two hours.

Of course, if you have a toddler, you've already learned that life rarely goes as planned. So, here's one last trick to try on yourself: Act as if you know what to do -- and soon enough, you will!

Sick of sick

Quote of the day: Planning for happiness is rarely successful. Happiness just happens.

These days, and frankly speaking, since as long as I remember, I haven't been in perfect health.

Perfect health to me, is being happy and passionate about everything all the time, enough stamina ( to shop ) and a good undisturbed sleep. These days, I lack all of the above.

The only common cause of my disturbed sleep is a nose block, which happens once in a long while. Then weeks ago, it was my cough that became evil. I had sleepless nights twice in a row. Then it went away. Just when I thought I can finally enjoy a good sleep, I woke up middle of last night... with a headache! Odd things are happening to me. On top of that, I have this stomach muscle-tightness-heartburn-like ache and it makes me weak, like I'm going to lao sai, but never did.

I'm angry and sick of feeling sick.

When is this all going to end. It seems like the ailments are coming one after next. Like a spell.

Things that excites me no longer have that effect. All the scrapbooking goodies I was so crazy about, now just sits pretty in my little art workshop. I took a glance at them, and sigh, and walked away. I have no inspiration, no passion.

I just want to sleep until I am contented. Perhaps, all those disturbed sleep is taking its toll on my body.

My sweet husband asked me today, "Darling, you want to go holiday? Somewhere relaxing like an island, or bangkok. You decide" That was sweet of him for even asking. Maybe he thinks I'm stressed.

Truth is, I'm not stressed at work. It's giving me life! It's not like I have to handle million dollar accounts and answer 1000 emails a day. Yes, thank you Molly and Sim for that interesting article of a lady who died of working too hard. So, no way I am stressed at work.

Hubbie may be right. A short getaway might do the trick. But no mood...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fashion Bug

Quote of the day: “Sex appeal is 50 percent what you’ve got and 50 percent what people think you’ve got.” -Sophia Loren

This legendary Italian Oscar-winner movie star quips about her voluptuous figure "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti". She's one smart and witty actress.

Being a typical girl who likes fashion, I love reading fashion magazines. I love (looking at ) beautiful clothes and shoes, and bags and accesories. But I have a boring wardrobe! Boring T-shirts, boring colours! Then again, if I had fancy clothes, I still wouldn't wear them on a regular basis, like you now how some people just dress up nicely, to them, it's like drinking water. I can't do it. I'm chicken! I'll stick to magazines... By the way, the Great Singapore Sale is around the corner!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just Another Day

Quote of the day: Junk is something you’ve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it

I am eagerly waiting for sex.

Sex & The City DVDs that is. The complete series giftset comes in a delicious must-have pink box, and it's definitely worth keeping as a collector's item. That's why instead of conveniently getting them from Holiday Plaza, the pirated haven, I righteously bought it from Amazon. I can feel it reaching the shores of Singapore!

I want:
1. A haircut, or change of hairstyle.
2. A clamshell/flip phone.
3. A new camera.
4. A Canon Selphy photo printer.
5. A website to sell my greeting cards.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quote of the day: Thou shalt not weigh more than thy fridge.

Sigh, I wished I could weigh even half my fridge! I look like I lost weight, because of the bad cough, the restricted diet ( strictly no chicken and eggs, and spicy food) and the disturbed sleeps, not to mention I'm limited to one or two positions during sleep because it's painful when I lie down. The doctor said I probably pulled some muscle when I coughed too hard. Another round of medication... this time, inflammatory tablets and cough relief lozenges. The pain subsided... Hallelujah!

On another note, I watched Martha Stewart's show some many weeks ago, and she shared one of her skincare regime. She applies Johnson&Johnson's baby oil on her face after removing all her make up before going to bed. Two days ago, I decided to do it. I took a small bottle from Daniel's Johnson&Johnson's bath set. I also applied a small amount onto the front of my legs, below the knee, the dryest part of my body by far. The resutls? Very positive! Why didn't I think of it! Baby oil is probably the most natural way to moisturize and keep your skin smooth. And I was surprised that it smells pleasant too, almost like a baby.
And the cost is waaaaaay lower than SKII. Actually I should be applying it during office hours since it's air-conditioned here. I wonder if my face would look like a kuali.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gloomy Day

Quote of the day: “Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you!” -Tommy Smothers

I hate being a prepaid user because I couldn't send the Class 95 radio DJ a flirty SMS when asked to. And I AM the Queen of flirty SMSes. Damn. Anyway, I heard this joke :

A man was setting up his PC account while his wife sat next to him and he had to choose a password. Wanting to be macho and all, he typed 'penis'. When the next error window appeared, his wife laughed and fell off the chair. That error window wrote "PASSWORD TOO SHORT"

Monday, May 14, 2007

I Was Young Again

Quote of the day: Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

The last time I felt like I was in my early twenties, was when I could dance till 3am while breathing in a smoke-filled congested dance floor with music thumping through my internal organs, and NOT feel worn out. The last time was on Friday night at Ministry of Sound. It was invigorating! And friends always welcome a designated driver since I am alcohol intolerant. Malunya! Anyway, it was a good quick wake-me-up amidst my mundane life. But bad coughing bouts followed. Not good at all. The pain in my right chest is growing stronger as I cough.

The next day, my dad drove Daniel and I to Desaru beach to join a Lion's Club charity outing with some inmates from the Chesire Home and a calvary girl's home. Not very sunny, and tide was a little high. And because we only stepped onto the beach at 6pm, we could only spend an hour playing before it got dark and cold.

Then during dinner, some performances were put up by the inmates, where one Malay dude from Chesire Home sang a supposedly sad song, which had lyrics something like " Bapaku kahwin lagi".... "Rumahtangga porak-peranda..."
Then there's this Chinese dude who sang 'Chan Mali Chan', and changed the entire songs as he like. "Dimana dia, buah hati saya..... dia tak pakai baju..."

Migod. Anyway, we all burst into laughter. At that point, I realize I was taking life too seriously. There was something about that night that taught me something, or at least, reminded me of something. Nobody was embarrased to stand on the small wooden stage and sing and dance. They weren't professional entertainers, they didn't sing Grammy-worth songs or danced like Justin Timberlake. It was all so... simple and innocent. I miss that.

Mother's Day was next, and it was a day of eating. First, lunch at a new Japanese buffet restaurant. Not bad. Daniel had coffee cakes and was running around after that. Aww, he takes after me. The back to mom's place for a nap. Off to dinner at another new restaurant, Korean BBQ. Not bad as well, and kids-friendly, meaning they have a little corner for toys, and plenty of room to run around.

The side dishes spread.

Delicious pork belly!

Curious and hungry.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed!

Quote of the day: Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.

Yesterday, my package arrived from the US of A ( I just love Borat). I can't remember when was the last time I was happy like a little girl. Online shopping is indeed THE retail therapy.

Since I so bo-liao, I will share the visuals. But hubby has the camera in Beijing, so mua had to settle with my camera phone.

My package


Chipboard Goodie Boxes

I opened the packets and displayed all the chipboards on my dining table. Go ahead and laugh.


Now comes the toughest part. How do I use them. They're so pretty I just want to display them on my table solely for admiring!

I also bought these stamping tools, with rubber alphabet stamp set. I will post more about this new toy.

In case you're wondering, what are all those rubbish for? Well, in America especially, many stay-at-home moms indulge in this highly creative hobby called scrapbooking. It's been around for a long time I guess, and it's only getting more popular here in Singapore, and maaaaaaybe Malaysia. But not quite, because those 'rubbish' are not cheap here after the currency conversion. But if you're living in America, these things are like normal grocery price. Morever, most of the popular designs and brandname ( yes, they are branded goods!) are American, and it's not like you can easily reproduce or find pirated versions here.

Scrapbooking is basically arranging a layout of your favourite memorable photos, and decorating it, for keepsake. Most of the gorgeously-designed papers and decorative items are acid-free and lignin-free, which means they won't fade, discolour or develop those 'age' spots, and they also keep the quality of your photos as it is, in many years.

Back to the cost of this hobby. A box of alphabet chipboards that contains over 100 pieces, it costs USD9.90. But here, it costs S$25 ( actual conversion USD9.90 = S$15), and if it's in Malaysia, perhaps RM 35. Now, that won't be a sustainable hobby...too costly unless you're a tai-tai of a rich husband, or a rich kid. Yes, I'm talking about a potential business here, but it's too risky.

So, what exactly again is scrapbooking? Here's some layouts to give you an idea.

Why did I bought all those pretty rubbish? Simply because they're so pretty, and irresistable to NOT get them. And I don't scrapbook. So, I'll start. But that's not my main passion. My main passion is making greeting cards, which I am working very hard on to 'build' my samples which I will blog about more in near future. And my tools are growing!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Cured

Quote of the day: “Insomnia is a contagious disease often transmitted from babies to parents.” -Shannon Fife

It's amazing. The two chinese cough syrup and throat tablets, together with Difflam, an anti-bacterial lozenges had finally gave me the good sleep I've been lacking. I tucked Daniel in bed at about 10pm, settled some of my stuff for a while, then I lied on bed thinking, "Well, if I doze off, I doze off, if I don't, I'll walk around the house or watch a movie while coughing my internal organs out". Miraculously, I dozed off. When I opened my eyes, I thought I overslept, but it was only 4am.

I lost my flabby tummy and I'm starting to develop a 6-pack from all that coughing.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quote of the day: If you had to identify, in 1 word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, & never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings”.

My favourite pastime these days is reading blogs. Blogs of friends, strangers and the cyber-celebrities, mostly local. I enjoy it because it's almost like watching TV where there are news, drama, announcements, personal experiences, parenting experiences and travelogues etc. I especially enjoy reading blogs of those who goes places and is leading the high-flying life. Not that I feel like I'm missing out, it's just entertaining. Like watching the Discovery Travel & Living channel. I wish I could provide a blog like that, but I don't go on holidays 5 times a year, nor I attend parties and gala events every week. But that's fine because it's not the lifestyle I want anyway.

So, being a simple girl, leading a routine simple life, I can only share what I heard on the radio yesterday. Apparently, a law in Korea requires companies/this particular company to pay their female workers 'Mentrual Pay'. Monthly pay for having period. And a particular company did not fulfil this for a year, and so, was sued by the women, and now, each female woker is compensated a thousand over dollars. Now that's BLOOD money!!

This is what I've just started taking. After strong recommendation from colleagues. It seems like Chinese medicine is more miraculous than the western drugs. Well, I'll see how my cough goes tomorrow, or the next...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lonesome Bug

Quote of the day: A balanced diet is a biscuit in each hand.

The man of the house is off to Beijing for a company retreat, actually he left for KL first since Sunday evening, and won't be back in 2 weeks time. *secretly plotting my own 'retreat'*

Before he left, he did something that made me smile. He told me this, "Darling, in ANY moment that you feel unhappy about my current travelling arrangement, just tell me ok. I will immediately find a way or discuss with my boss to stop it. Yes, this is good for my career, but it won't mean anything if it makes you unhappy and if it jeopardize our relationship. YOU ARE MY PRIORITY you know?"

How not to melt...

The truth is, I'm totally comfortable with it. In fact, it makes me kinda happy because I get more time for myself. But hearing that from him just...ssiiiigggh, I dunno, pushed all the right buttons. So sometimes, women do like to hear what they want to hear, or THINK they want to hear.

I'm incurable...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Baby boyz to Men

Quote of the day: “Let your children go if you want to keep them.” -Malcom Forbes

My boy, one with a cheeky smirk, has become a man. He has showed me affections that I didn't expect from an almost-two year old toddler.

Last weekend when I was still PMS-ing, I cried my heart out, something which a girl need to do once in a while ya know, just to cry. Anyway, I figure it would be a good opportunity to see how the little one react.

Daniel stoppped playing with his toys, and looked concerned for me. He stood next to me as I sat sobbing on the floor, and he pat my head gently. As I cried some more, he put his arms over my shoulders and drew me close, in a comforting manner. I rest my head on his little chest, and he continued holding me firmly. Everything he did was right!! Like an adult! Then later on, as I settled myself down with a few more sniffs, he motioned me to play the shape sorter toy with him, as if to distract me from my sorrows.

It was priceless.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Quote of the day: It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
WHOA... that astrological exagerrated lie I posted that other day... could be true leh!! I came back from Seremban, then hor, cough non-stop. I didn't sleep for TWO days because the cough kept me awake! Worst ever cough I had! I think I've been cursed!

That aside, for the first time in maybe 5 years, I stepped into MidValley Megamall. I can't say it changed much, because I don't even remember how it was the last time I was in there. I bought a comfortable pair of Lewre shoes, without looking at the price tag! And I'm banging my head on the wall now. Daniel also tried on a pink leather 3 inch-er but it was way too big and sexy for him.

Notice there is less pictures now. Mua getting lazier...