Thursday, September 06, 2018

UK Agro Farm @ Kluang

Last Saturday, we took a day trip to Kluang, a small town just an hour's drive from Johor Bahru, and very near Ayer Hitam. Our first stop was of course the popular Kluang Railway Coffee shop. Too many photos on the web, so I didn't take any. We had the regular set of toasts with butter and kaya, soft-boiled eggs, nasi lemak and drinks. Then we went over to Yuen Fatt Biscuit Confectionary to try their famous Shanghai mooncakes and Tau Sar Piah (yellow bean paste pastry) for the first time. Good and fresh.

Our next and last stop was quite an unplanned and unexpected highlight of the day, our first visit to UK Agro Farm Resort. I thought we'd just pet some goats and leave but it turned out to be like a full fledged tour of a huge farm.

The 3km journey on an untarred road (from the main road to the farm) was a bit of a turn off at first. I really didn't know what we were getting into. The husband said it gives you the off-road adventure feel, hah.

We arrived! 
The main reception building had a lobby, a mart and a restaurant.
We were greeted at the counter with two choices of tour mode; the mini bus or the horse cart which accommodates up to 4 people. We chose the horse cart tour and this costs RM255 inclusive of a feeding kit for 4 pax. The feeding kit has 4 small packs of dried grasses, dried corns and chicken feed. Off we go!

The mini zoo is just behind the reception building. It's not a ZOO zoo. No tigers or elephants here, just mostly chickens, geese, guinea fowls and peacocks.

Our private transport.

First stop is the goat farm. We feed 'em the dried grasses here.

The place is very clean and well maintained and the goats look healthy. I think we spent the most time here.

We also get coupons to feed the younger goats using milk bottles. 

Next to the goat farm, we get to watch how the goats are milked with a machine. 

Free milk samples.

Next stop, the duck pond. I wished we could be beside the pond instead of above it. Maybe it was for safety. Here, we feed the ducks with dried corns through a PVC pipe that runs from the railing to the platform below.

Next to the duck pond is this chicken coop.

Next stop, the deer, ostrich and rabbit farm.

Apparently, the deers weren't eating much because there a lot of tourists earlier in the morning and they're quite full already. Probably, just to entertain us.. hah.

There were a few rabbits roaming freely for us to 'harass'. Heheh.

Next stop is a small area showcasing a native village, with a treehouse and some rumah kampung.
When we arrived, just 4 of us, this orang asli sort of dragged his feet to the stage and performed his umpit skills by aiming and shooting at some balloons hung high up the tree. It was a bit funny because I could see his unenthusiastic face like he has done this for a hundred times for entertainment. We were told he is a true orang asli from Pahang.

The treehouse.

The next stop was supposed to be a tropical arcade. The boys were anticipating a game arcade but were disappointed to find that there were no Mario Race or pinball machines. Hahah. There were hydroponic vegetable garden instead.

The lavender garden behind the mini zoo.

Something we city folks don't often see. Nice.

UK Farm goat's milk is available at the restaurant, and also at Jaya Grocers. There's chocolate flavoured milk too.

Fruitful day!