Friday, January 23, 2015

My Humble Abode - Redecorated.

My home in 2007 to 2008. That was the first major renovation. The walls were painted Apple White, which gave a greenish hue, and gave me a heart attack when I first saw it. Just last year, I loved it because mint became my favourite colour. But then, when the Scandinavian Nordic white and clean lines took over, it was time to repaint and redecorate the house again.

See the greenish hue?

Just before repainting.

Our new dining area. The mirror made a significant difference to the brightness and size of the area. And mirrors are said to be good for feng shui because it reflects the food on our dining table, which means we double our abundance...and errmm also waste. So we are will not waste food now. See the positive effect?*grin*
We used Nippon Brilliant White 1001 Odorless Paint. It was REALLY odorless, and very easy to remove if you get them all over the floor or on your body/clothes.

That beautiful Chinese calligraphy on the piano is made by my talented colleague. I feel so peaceful and joyful.

 And to this room where I spend 6-7 hours a day unconsciously...heheh.

There used to be a dresser here, but it was revamped and used as a desk for Darren now.

 11 things in this photo are from IKEA. You know me.

Snapshots around my nest...

Made this bolster cover from this very adorable fabric I bought from Etsy's luckyshop0228.

An additional art decor piece. The horse's legs match the Chinese character, yes?

I feel like I've arrived...

Dresser To Desk

Darren requested for a 'homework table' because his brother has one. Since he is starting school, I thought of revamping my old dresser and make it as a desk. 
This is my first furniture makeover! 

First we had to sand off the shiny layer of veneer in order for the new paint to be applied on it.

These were the different sandpapers I tried. The finer ones worked better.

 Then I applied a pre-coat or primer, in two coatings. At this point, I went "What was I thinking.." but Darren was all excited and anticipating his new desk. How could I disappoint the little guy.

Second coating of primer.

Finally, after 2 coatings of paint! NOT BAD!!! I love the result. Bu the paint smell was still lingering and it took a week before I moved it in. I also placed a couple of potted spider plant on it because it is known to purify the air efficiently.

Worth it!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gunung Pulai and Kukup Trip

On Christmas Day, we went close to nature... forest, hills, streams and the sea. Pao ka liao!

There are apparently Gunung Pulai Pekan Nenas and the Gunung Pulai Kulaijaya. The latter is closed to public. 

Quite an easy hike. The ground was wet and a bit muddy when we were there.

We saw this beautiful flora growth on the rocks. 

This looks harmless, but really it is very steep, and we all went down it like a pro.

Children-friendly stream.

Small Johor towns typically look like this, defined by rows of shophouses. Yep, that's a town alright!


Fishing kelong in Kukup.

Nothing changed. Same old same old. The spitting fishes were still there but some dunggus were FEEDING them bits of ikan bilis (of the lowest grade). I was like "Why in the world did you do that, NOW they won't perform their super sharp sniper spitting skills for you!" Those guys are scarily accurate.

So, kids, STOP feeding the spitting fishes, ok? Until next time!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Flower Dome @ Gardens By The Bay

I brought my mom, and the boys to Singapore to celebrate Christmas and her birthday. It was eve of Christmas Eve.

My plan to have buffet lunch at Basilico tak jadi due to delays at the Woodlands checkpoint. Issshhh. You see, my momma loves parma ham and Basilico is recommended for its buffet lunch because they have one of the best parma ham there.

We went to Vivo City first instead, for a late lunch at Sushi Tei. So during lunch, I was already planning for dinner. I called Pollen, a restaurant at Gardens By The Bay that grants diners entrance to Flower Dome for free. Fully booked!


Called Basilico, praying they have a table for dinner. Oh thank goodness, they have one, AFTER 8pm. No problem! After our late full lunch, I doubt we'll be hungry at 7pm.

Did a bit of shopping at Vivo, and off we went to Gardens By The Bay.

Did you know if you'd keep your mouth shut and purchase tickets at the counter, you'll be charged local fare by default? I did not keep my mouth shut, and was charged foreigner's fare instead, which is slightly more expensive *facepalm*

OK, fine, we're here for a good time, yes?

Here are some pictures if you'd like to see. Christmassy and all.

There were fake snow that felt incredibly soft and real. I was told it's the same absorbent material in diapers. Ohhhh....

It is pretty cold inside the dome. Does the cold make you run all the time? I think it does because half the time, my boys were running like what old folks say, "Just come out from jail"

And there's this region where they feature a lot of succulents and cactuses. My favourite!

Prettiest Christmas tree I've seen this year.

Then to Basilico at Regent Hotel. Oooo, quite the 'atas'.

Daniel's fee was half, Darren dined for free. He ate ham and cream cracker sandwich, so cute.

On the way back, we passed by half of Orchard Road and saw the decorative lights outside ION and Tangs. I felt so contented and thankful for our day. My heart just welled up inside!

Thank you for this wonderful day :)