Friday, January 23, 2015

Dresser To Desk

Darren requested for a 'homework table' because his brother has one. Since he is starting school, I thought of revamping my old dresser and make it as a desk. 
This is my first furniture makeover! 

First we had to sand off the shiny layer of veneer in order for the new paint to be applied on it.

These were the different sandpapers I tried. The finer ones worked better.

 Then I applied a pre-coat or primer, in two coatings. At this point, I went "What was I thinking.." but Darren was all excited and anticipating his new desk. How could I disappoint the little guy.

Second coating of primer.

Finally, after 2 coatings of paint! NOT BAD!!! I love the result. Bu the paint smell was still lingering and it took a week before I moved it in. I also placed a couple of potted spider plant on it because it is known to purify the air efficiently.

Worth it!

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