Monday, February 24, 2014

Pretty Things From Typo

I'm feeling better. Though I'm still feeling hopeless. I am still getting inspired, and getting all these creative ideas... I want to conceptualize, design and manufacture my gift, home and stationery product line...


A little voice inside says "Forget it, it'll all be a waste of money, resources and your time... syiok sendiri only"

I salute those who fight those voices. But I'm not in a fighting mood now. I'm just... meh.

Aside from that, I found some pretty things from Typo/Cotton outlet shop in Anchorpoint, Singapore.
Porcelain measuring spoons in ombre mint for $10! Gold nerd glasses for $3, deer cotton tape/twill for $3, and a felt mushroom for $1.

 Paper dragon for the kids, for $5.

So the question now is, do I go all the way to BE a seller of such awesome things? Or should I just stick to my day job and be a good shopper. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Valentine's Night

Let me tell you about my Valentine's Day.

Spent the whole day working, and feeling meh.

Reached home to quickly prepare potato salad for BBQ party organized by the hubz' golf buddies/business-related associates.

Hubz tells me the host's wife is 4 months pregnant. Memories of my last pregnancy floods in. Shit shit shit shit don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry. It's been SO long ago surely I have put that away for good right? WRONG! You DON'T forget these things.

Dished out potato salad is a nice big serving bowl and gets into car.

Peak hour jam. To prolong my misery.

Reached. Only one guest there. Says hello to host and preggie wife AND preggie host's sister. Double joy!

The boys make themselves at home. And I MEAN at home. Daniel had his legs up on the sofa and Darren explores the entire house.

We eat first.

More guests arrive. Chatted with some. The men remain near the BBQ pit and drink beer.

Children plays chasing game in the house.

Drank champagne.

Children screaming in the house. A mummy guest carrying her baby requests host to turn off 'something'.

The 'something' turned out to be porn clips on his TV console. Children are jumping and screaming 'EIYER! EIYER!'

Host turns red.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That was the highlight of my otherwise disastrous night.

A lady guest casually asked why is the BBQ organized on Valentine's Day. My. Sentiments. Exactly. High-five. Turns out it was the host's preggie wife who decided on it. Can't blame her for having placenta brain.

Start to notice the porcelain made-up dressed-up girlfriends of some guests. They looked like heaven. Their hair was long and flowy. But they looked bored. They must be wondering why are they there on Valentine's Day, surrounded by rowdy men burning food and drinking lots of beer.

Clock strikes 11. Time to go home. Daniel has school the next day ( Saturday, a 'replacement' for the given CNY week-long break).

Daniel whispers in my ear "Mummy, don't forget to help me in my homework". I put on the catatonic look.

Reached home at 11.30pm. Looks at Daniel's homework and said "I need time to translate all these"

Sent him to bed.

Took a shower and settled down with my iPhone and the Chinese homework. Used an app to translate word by word.

Finished at 2 am.

Slept. Woke up with excruciatingly painful leg cramps at 3 and 4 am.

Woke up at 6.30am to send Daniel to school, then off to the market.

The End. Yay.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Marriage and Anti-Valentine's Day

I am usually filled with love. But today, and for many days before this, I am not.

When you're married with children, you stop celebrating love-related days. There are only birthdays because the kids want cake. Some couples are lucky to spend some nice quiet time with each other after the kids are in bed.

Last night, on the eve, I was alone. The hubz was attending some CNY dinner after golf, so I didn't see him the whole day.

And tonight after work, we are going to his golf buddy's house for BBQ party with other buddies and their families. No candlelights, but lots of beer. Which I don't drink.

V-day has slowly become an insignificant day. The only one that mattered was the one in 2004 when he proposed to me. This morning The Flying Dutchman said that this is the day where you put your woman on the pedestal and show her your love. And I'm thinking, what the, no such thing la you gullible girls out there. I mean yea, enjoy the attention while you still GOT IT, and then it will become a day you sulk and get angry because you feel cheated.

Wow I'm really feeling all the angst and negativity about love nowadays. And it feels awesome. It's just great to be feeling something again and I don't care what it is.

I don't want to compromise, I don't want to be understanding, I don't want to be NICE anymore.

What an F day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Down down

I was feeling meh for 3 weeks, even before the Lunar New Year. I don't think I was ever in a happy chirpy state since 2014 began. I hate the new weekend. I hate everything! NOT AWESOME.

The only awesome thing was that we watched The Lego Movie. IT. IS. AWESOME.

I launched my new wedding invitation cards on my Chinese birthday. I thought maybe I will be lucky because it is Jade Emperor's birthday as well. Haha.. I hope.