Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here Car There Car Everywhere Car Car

My whole morning was like this. Everywhere I go. Pasir Gudang highway, Permas bridge, town, causeway, customs, BKE, PIE, AYE. I almost spent 3 hours in my car!! And I didn't bring my sewing project. Of all days!!

I was fidgeting, restless and PMS-ing. Everything irritated me. Everything but the thoughts of my little koochie brat*awwwwwyoupoochiekoochiekoo*

On days like these, I wished I was a stay-home mom.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Daniel is Stubborn as a Mule

Things you should know about me:

1. I am tall. I'm up to mummy's hipbones.
2. I connot pronounte S, F, L, X and Z. When I shout UTTER! UTTER! I mean FASTER! FASTER!
3. I am whiny.
4. I can count pretty well.
5. I don't really know colour yet. Mummy thinks I'm colour-blind. So far, I know purple, orange and black. And the colour of my poo.
6. I love to pretend I'm a crocodile, dinosaur or a puppy, who eats from the floor.
7. I absolutely LOVE bathtime.
8. I just learnt how to cycle. With training wheels. WithOUT my shoes... and clothes.
9. I can swing my own mini golf club.
10. I always say Thank You and Sorry, when I accidently whack mummy's leg/arm/face/nose/chest/belly/back.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Coffee or Tea?

Do you believe that certain clothes you wear affects your day and your luck/aura?

While driving this morning, TWO, not one, not none, but TWO gentlemen gave way to me!

I gotta wear this more often.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inbox (Zero)

It's weird, but maybe it's not. It's just me. These few days, I am the person whom others don't reply to. Maybe this is a very normal thing. But ever since I joined the seller community at etsy, I have learnt a thing or two about people's behaviour, and to accept it.

I used to get excited when I receive a conversation from people who ask about customizing this and that, and about bulk order. They sound genuinely interested. And I usually oblige. Then. No reply.

Then this seller-to-be from KL chatted with me. All nice, hahaha, wow wow, yah yah. Just 3 conversation back and forth. Then. No reply.

S was supposed to meet me to pass me some goods. Few smses. Call you later. Then. No reply.

I sent some commissioned design work via email. No response.

Old friend. Smses. No reply.

Perhaps, I myself, have been guilty of not replying people sometimes. Eeek.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Queen of Laziness

I think therefore I am.

I wore my black silk cheongsam top today, for the first time after it's been sitting in my wardrobe for ages. I think it attracts dark aura and bad luck.

First thing in the morning, I found my car blocked by PC's car in the driveway. So, to get out, I had to reverse his car out, park it a while at the side, reverse my car out, park it in front of a neighbour's gate, because all the spaces are taken up, drive his car back into the driveway, then, get my car.

Just when I was opening my car door, my neighbour's auto gate FLUNG OPEN!!! And it's no the soft open type of gate, it's the speedracer swiftster type.

Yes, kena my bumper.

I now add 2 more microscopic insignificant scratches onto my ol' faithful City.

Then my blouse stopped attracting the dark auras.

Another day at work...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah Yeah

I'm exhausted, numb, dazed and care-less.

I realized I can't change the fact that after all these years in my life so far, no matter how I tried, I AM a private person. Crowds, noise, movements, going places, talking and laughing perpetually, AND keeping a watchful eye on DC all at the same time, results in today's mood and probably for the rest of the week. It's age, it's my character, whatever.

Bleh. That's the word.

I feel like I just came back from the Olympics in the sport of entertaining. Battered, bruised and lost.

The actual reasons are :
1. DC is a bag of bricks. These days, I can't carry him for long. But I had to, yesterday. In a mall. Up. Down. To see fish. To play at the modern mall playground. To yank him out of the playground. To sooth him. To bear with his crankiness due to skipping naptime. Cook. Clean. Laundry. Here. There. Everywhere.
2. The mental energy draining love-hate relationship with my mother. She's so kanchiong and gabra, she made my blood pressure up in 2 minutes! On the phone! No, no, I don't blame her. It's not her fault. She is the way she is and I accept that. But I also accept that she makes me feel like I want to kill myself sometimes. Everyone, at some point experience this love-hate thingy with their mothers/fathers... right?

I was in a good mood. That was why I didn't explode. I would've burst into tears, and made a scene in front of my relatives. I would've snapped. At my mom, at my husband, at my son. But I didn't. I couldn't care anymore. I just sat back, smiled and said,"Yeah yeah".

I should start looking for an island on sale.

I want eyelashes like that.

NO. I want to close my eyes like that and sleep until I feel like I can take on the world!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Your Fate and Prayers

What if you just found out that you were paving a career in the wrong direction all these years when you could've been a successful multimillionaire right now if you chose the right path back then.

What if you starting to find out bits and pieces of heaven's little secret about your life's fate and state of luck.

What if you could control your future.

I think people who seek astrological consultations are people who feels strongly that something is just not right about their life. They KNOW they could be bigger, but yet they're just not getting there... Or time after time, things after things, events after events keep happening that prevents them from getting there.

I'm a coward. I never dared to find out about my fate. Because I believe God already has a plan for me, and I shall accept it in true faith. Yes, I can say I'm happy now, I feel I have everything, and yes, my biggest fear is also losing what I have now. But when the days comes when I do lose something I treasure, I will pray for strength and acceptance.

There are things that friends and even my family don't know about me. That I pray often.
In my car during the jams, in the mornings when I reach my office, at night before I go to bed, or even while playing with my little boy.

Short prayers. Whenever I just feel like it. And I feel at peace after it. Relieved. God listened and that is all that matters.

There was one of the surveys in America, that the number one thing that people do when they have health problems is... believe it or not... PRAY!

The power of prayers is beyond comfort. It's as if you are confiding, and it feels good after that.

I believe it's the greatest skill in this fast-paced troubled world.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Say Thank You

Things Daniel say these days: "Say thank you Daniel" whenever he thinks he deserves it.

The maid thingy, is really starting to pinch me. Visa has been granted. The frustrating thing that is dingdong-ing back and forth is the agent. Malaysia agent, Philippine agent, how come no one seems to know ANY f***ing definite answers? Seriously, the websites are unreliable and useless, the agent here I am depending on to complete the process, is clueless himself. Everyone has to ask everyone, and no one is sure about anything! Why are they making this so hard? Stupid procedures!

This better be worth it.

More card projects coming. I'm doing a few commissioned digital pieces for a wedding videography company for their DVD cover, labels and menus ( quite lost on this one, because I'm a Photoshop retard! ), and 100 wedding invites for a colleague (mega project), 100 thank you tags for a childhood friend (rather mega, if you consider cutting 100 leaf shaped tags!) and a few potential etsy customers who had genuine interest in customizing a batch order, and who never replied. Maybe it's a blessing.

Update on the maid topic: FINALLY. What I need to do now, is send the contract forms to a Philippines agent, so that they can process it and collect the visa from the Malaysia embassy in Manila. I also need to fork out RM2900 for the agent fees. By right, this is deductible from the maid's pay. I may help her out on this a little.

I made some pouches out of natural calico, and the cute little birdie is doodle-stitched! I was never into embroidery and this is the furthest I can go. One-liners. These pouches are actually rather easy to make.

I sound like a stay-home-wife-mom-oh-what-a-sunshine-life here...hmm.