Monday, August 04, 2008

Say Thank You

Things Daniel say these days: "Say thank you Daniel" whenever he thinks he deserves it.

The maid thingy, is really starting to pinch me. Visa has been granted. The frustrating thing that is dingdong-ing back and forth is the agent. Malaysia agent, Philippine agent, how come no one seems to know ANY f***ing definite answers? Seriously, the websites are unreliable and useless, the agent here I am depending on to complete the process, is clueless himself. Everyone has to ask everyone, and no one is sure about anything! Why are they making this so hard? Stupid procedures!

This better be worth it.

More card projects coming. I'm doing a few commissioned digital pieces for a wedding videography company for their DVD cover, labels and menus ( quite lost on this one, because I'm a Photoshop retard! ), and 100 wedding invites for a colleague (mega project), 100 thank you tags for a childhood friend (rather mega, if you consider cutting 100 leaf shaped tags!) and a few potential etsy customers who had genuine interest in customizing a batch order, and who never replied. Maybe it's a blessing.

Update on the maid topic: FINALLY. What I need to do now, is send the contract forms to a Philippines agent, so that they can process it and collect the visa from the Malaysia embassy in Manila. I also need to fork out RM2900 for the agent fees. By right, this is deductible from the maid's pay. I may help her out on this a little.

I made some pouches out of natural calico, and the cute little birdie is doodle-stitched! I was never into embroidery and this is the furthest I can go. One-liners. These pouches are actually rather easy to make.

I sound like a stay-home-wife-mom-oh-what-a-sunshine-life here...hmm.

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