Thursday, August 07, 2008

Your Fate and Prayers

What if you just found out that you were paving a career in the wrong direction all these years when you could've been a successful multimillionaire right now if you chose the right path back then.

What if you starting to find out bits and pieces of heaven's little secret about your life's fate and state of luck.

What if you could control your future.

I think people who seek astrological consultations are people who feels strongly that something is just not right about their life. They KNOW they could be bigger, but yet they're just not getting there... Or time after time, things after things, events after events keep happening that prevents them from getting there.

I'm a coward. I never dared to find out about my fate. Because I believe God already has a plan for me, and I shall accept it in true faith. Yes, I can say I'm happy now, I feel I have everything, and yes, my biggest fear is also losing what I have now. But when the days comes when I do lose something I treasure, I will pray for strength and acceptance.

There are things that friends and even my family don't know about me. That I pray often.
In my car during the jams, in the mornings when I reach my office, at night before I go to bed, or even while playing with my little boy.

Short prayers. Whenever I just feel like it. And I feel at peace after it. Relieved. God listened and that is all that matters.

There was one of the surveys in America, that the number one thing that people do when they have health problems is... believe it or not... PRAY!

The power of prayers is beyond comfort. It's as if you are confiding, and it feels good after that.

I believe it's the greatest skill in this fast-paced troubled world.

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