Friday, April 28, 2006

Traffic Lights in Our Lives

Not many people put up this face when they have to stop at the red traffic light. We encounter 'red lights' everyday, in our daily lives; on the road, in the bank, at work, at home, in our wallets and in our dream towards better times. I find myself coming back to the same traffic junction time after time, and I'm starting to appreciate the red light. It gives me time to look around and to rest my nerves, instead of going fast-forward all the time, chasing after one another and beating the crowd (desides, we ARE the crowd) Sometimes this red light seem to ask me "Would you like to try a different route this time? Maybe you'll find the better times" *harp plays* But it is human nature to stick with the familiar. I will never get out of this cycle. Right now I'm feeling this impulse to quit my job and go back to JB to work. That's what the red light is asking me too. Should I risk it? I know there won't be a U-turn ahead. Then again, some logic devil is yelling at me "Are you mad? What can JB offer you? Your life will go downhill from here!" That's not true. The light is turning green soon, where will I go? Do I have the guts?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Seremban Weekend

We went back to Seremban last weekend, brought the little barb to City Park where joggers can jog, walkers can walk, rollerbladers can rollerblade, 'kiters' can play kites and children can..well, and somersault everywhere literally. It's a very big park, rather new, jogging path surrounds a big lake where people can feed koi fishes and enjoy the view. Nice place to hang out in the evening for the whole family, especially the little ones.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Friday Weekend

I would say this is by far the Best-Behaved Daniel weekend. It was like a miracle, like he is a changed man. Maybe his teething doesn't hurt as much anymore. He drank his milk on time without squirming around, he took his nap on time and dozed off rather quickly without having mummy to walk around the house for 15 minutes or more, and he played with his toys, sometimes on his own. I feel we're starting to connect with each other, like there was this time he was chewing a peeled apple, and he was playing games with me.. he handed me the apple, and I pretended to take a bite, he quickly pulled back the apple and laughed, like he succeeded to trick me... the only chore was that i have to repeat that game a million times, but he was still laughing... sigh, aren't babies so simple... hahaha. Oh please, let me have more of these weekends!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You are my sunshine

The 'antique' baby stroller is really cool huh. Courtesy of my uncle who apparently look all over JB for it, and not cheap man! About RM80 for the 70's pram. Now, the pram is 'inherited' by Daniel, from his kau foo Ivan who just turned 5.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Water baby

On Saturday, we brought our little barb to the pool. After a couple of minutes being fascinated and stunned by the 'feel' of the pool water, he started flapping his arms and splashing the water, then crawl, then stand while supporting himself at the side, and cruising to the deeper end, while splashing. This fella loves the water! He had so much fun and was probably over-tired that he had nightmares that night, woke up several times from 5am to 7am, crying, then going back to sleep as if nothing happened... Could be due to the teething as well, his upper 'rabbit' teeth is growing out, and he's been drooling and biting everything. Also, since last weekend, we've witnessed his first unsupported stand. It's amazing, how babies learn all these skills which we take for granted. :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pohm pohm

I love bath time! But mummy haven't took a photo of me playing in the water because the camera might get wet. Mummy also always get wet... kakakkakaka! I feel so fresh! Now mummy have a hard time putting on my diaper and clothes because I never stop crawling all over the place, she smack my backside but I don't care. Next time I run around the house naked and mummy have to chase me, la la la la la!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Don't Lose Faith, Just Lose Hope

Every now and then the gahmen agencies make overnight policies and announce to the public... just for fun, maybe work overtime can get OT pay. Also, every now and then, gahmen agencies announce one good news to make up for two bad news, just for fun. Or maybe the good news is to 'smoke' the bad news. "Fuel price increase"= @#%&^!... then "Car price drop! Yipppeee!"...then "Higher financing rates"=@#$%&! Let's face it good people of Malaya, we lost, we always lose. But never lose faith. And there are gahmen officers who are also anal-retentive, yes, I said ANAL. This Norfiza woman at MPK (Klang) should sit on the wheelchair for a week before being ANAL to a disabled woman who has to pay parking fines. Dah lah, it's already so difficult for a disabled person to live in this disabled-unfriendly country, she has to pay fine! The public relations officer isn't doing so well with the public I see.. should change title to Anal Officer. I think the disabled should be exempted from certains things, so the Majlis Perbandaran Kah-cheng should reconsider amending their policies.
I wish I could write this to the papers, but don't think they accept words like anal and kah cheng, but the words suit them SOOOOOOO perfectly.