Friday, May 16, 2014

New Projects: Wedding Invitation Cards and Custom Stamps


It has been such an exciting journey of my favourite pastime recently. I did what I have always wanted to do and it is a great feeling inside, and a delusional sense of achievement..hahhaha.

FIRST. Project wedding invitation card. I have had a few projects made for friends, colleagues and acquaintances over the years, sporadically. And finally I have listed my cards on my Etsy shop. I can't explain it, but I just feel I have fulfilled something just by seeing them on my shop, even if it's not getting a lot of views. See? Delusional.

Anyway, here are some of the wedding invitation cards I have.

The Chinese themes


Horse and Carriage Vintage Fairytale- adorned with cotton lace and a bling!

Hydrangea Garden Theme



Tree and Monogram

 The bow series.

Photography was my biggest challenge. I lost count on the attempts I made to take photos of the cards, to upload and edit, over and over again. Light was my most important factor. Somehow I couldn't get it brighter. Natural light was my source and I'd take the photos outside in the evening, but because I had so many cards, the light somehow changes within 30 minutes (clouds and sun setting) and then the hue wasn't the same anymore. It was quite frustrating. Perhaps I should invest in a lightbox.

With all said and done, I'm still very happy with what I have achieved (delusionally)..heheh.

SECOND. Custom rubber stamps. Why oh why did I not do this earlier since I love stamps so much.
I have been going to the same stamp maker to make my own stamps that I use for my cards. So last month, as the idea seeped into my head, I started designing some, and ordered to have a sample made by Mr.K from Jalan Trus. Now, Mr.K is a simple down to earth stamp maker who works in his tiny little shop opposite Kotaraya. That area is considered heritage town, that's what I love about it! But Mr.K is quite forgetful with my orders. There were times I went to collect but he would tell me they are not ready, because he either forgotten to make them or he lost the file, or he wasn't sure about something. But he would not inform me beforehand! So I had to delay listing my custom stamps because I had no samples to take photo of. For weeks. So finally, I could do it.

Making the wood mount was fun! Basically it's just a long piece of wood that Mr.K cut by sawing. And I decoupaged the print on top of the wood mount using the this method I blogged on before.

These are the designs I have so far. I have more in mind but no space! I also have one for boys and girls :)

My stamps listings are inactive now as I am going on a 2 weeks break. Oh what a torture! I can't wait to fully reopen my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Swiss Cross Stencil Pouch

If you love the swiss cross like I do, you'll find this stencilling project fun. You can practically stencil anything you want. 

Here, I made a canvas pouch with the stencilled beloved shape.

 Canvas fabric are cut to sizes, washed and hung to dry.

I performed a little paint test on the canvas to see if it gets washed out. Passed! 

I printed the font Zapf Dingbats, 'Shift :' to get the swiss cross shape on paper, cut it out, and used it as a guide to create the stencil using masking tape.

The paint and stencil brush. 

Just simply paint the canvas surface! 

Remove the tapes. 

Masking tapes make great stencils for stripes too!