Monday, November 02, 2009

Love Making...


How to Make Ally's Potato Salad
1. You boil some potatoes. With or without skin, up to you. Without the skin, you might risk making potato soup if you forgot to switch off the fire after 3 hours.
2. Let the boiled potatoes cool down. Then peel the skin off.
3. MASH the potatoes.
4. Add mayonnaise. Preferably a good brand like Kraft or Japanese ones. This makes the difference. Not too much, not too little. You gotta judge for yourself here.
5. Add some salt and pepper. More pepper for me please.
6. MIX.
7. Add Japanese cucumber, they are sweeter and have less seeds. Chopped or small quarter slices.
8. Add chopped small red onions.
9. OPTIONAL: You may add chopped hams if you like.
10. Mix again. Store in fridge and serve cold ala Samantha Jones for Valentine's surprise in Sex and the City Movie .

Have fun.

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