Monday, March 14, 2016


Yep... again. Ever since a new highway made its way to Desaru, it's faster now to get there. And I feel lucky living in Johor Bahru where I can access a lot of beaches and islands easily.

Yesterday, Desaru beach was the most beautiful compared to the other times. Maybe it depends on the tide, season, wind etc. The water was my favourite shade, aqua greenish blue, and it was clean and clear. It was windy and the sky was blue. I don't know what is more perfect than that!

The compulsory cover-me-with-sand-mummy!

This boy avoided sea water when he was younger. He won't even let the water touch his toes at the shore. Every time we go back to Desaru, he gets braver. 

The waves were fun to play with. Not at a dangerous level I think. Daniel enjoyed the waves tremendously.

Absolutely lovely.

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