Monday, October 12, 2015


You know, Facebook is awesome and all but sometimes it really gets to me. Maybe I'm really not a social media person. Or worse, I'm really not social. *embarassed grin*

So based on this fact that I'm not social on media, I just don't understand certain individuals who has a constant need to post things on FB. And worse, some couples I know, seem to habitually communicate through the public media. Why...

OK, my Nombor Satu pet peeve:

The Baby
A couple of people in my FB had a baby. So cute right? All babies are cute of course, especially your own. I remember this saying, "There is only one beautiful baby in the world, and every mother has it" But obviously, some moms seem to believe "There is only one beautiful baby... MINE!!!!" Of course this can be true, but please, keep it to yourself, k? I totally understand the overwhelming love you have as a first-time mother, and you're enraptured in this magical bond between you and your firstborn. But some people need to publicize this. On a weekly basis. Even daily. Can someone kill me?

So basically, every photo postings I see of that baby literally screams "LOOK AT MY BABY! LOOK AT MY BABY!!" It's no longer cute. And worse, when it comes with the caption, "My little precious's many faces/pattern liao liao" when there is clearly NO SIGNIFICANT differences in the baby's expression, in that 50 photo montage.

So, I wonder, what is the acceptable frequency of baby photo postings? I don't know. I've seen this baby's photo on FB every 2-3 days ever since he was born. Max... 5 days. Maybe that is the norm for some people? Not to me...

My Nombor Dua pet peeve:

The Home Cooked Food
This one is rather grey line. Maybe some people feel a simple homely meal like steamed fish, kailan and ABC soup is worth sharing. Maybe they believe others have not seen such meals before. Or maybe they thought it's a Masterchef feat. I dunno la. But seriously, I only see one thing, and one thing only.

Nak mintak puji, ni. You'll see that all the comments will be "WOW, look so yummy!", "OOHHHH, you can really cook so well!" and "Bo jio!"..hahaha. Now aint' that an ego-booster?

Don't get me wrong, I love to see what my friends whip up in the kitchen now and then.. you know, something atypical. Like, if you baked a quiche for the first time, like mua, yes, please post it!

OK, finish ranting!

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