Wednesday, October 28, 2015

iPhone 6 Photos Taking Up Unusual Large Space

This is my second post on techno gadgety stuff. And I really have to share this.

My Photo Album was 7.9 GB.... like forever, even though I religiously delete photos from the Album and the Recently Deleted folder. I didn't want to touch the iCloud because I hate the hassle.

Then I learnt this trick that worked!!

Change your Date & Time by going back to a few years ago... say 2011? Any month and day will do.

Here's how to do it:
Settings >General >Date & Time > Turn off the 'Set Automatically', then adjust your time to 2011.
Don't worry, you can reset the date back.

Then, go to your Photos > Recently Deleted folder. You will see hundreds or thousands of photos there! If you don't, go back to Photos and check if there are any other folders with a huge number of photos. If you still don't, I'm sorry then, I don't have the solution.

OK, delete all those photos in the Recently Deleted folder. You'll have to touch the 'Select' on the upper right corner, then touch 'Delete All' on the lower left corner.

To check the new storage:

Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage (under Storage) > you'll see that your Photos & Camera storage is back to a decent MB.

Now, go back and reset your time back to your current one.

Good luck!

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