Friday, December 20, 2013

The Mother I Once Was...

A beautifully honest parenting essay.

I think a lot of first-time working mothers go through it. Being in the prime of our lives, trying to be the best mother for the first time, trying to strike in our careers.. all at the same time. There were very little space for mistakes and enjoyment. Time was always tight. Everything was always moving fast. Husbands were blamed and flamed. And I am thankful for mine, who just stood by me and allowed me to evolve naturally to be the person I am today.

And most of all, to my firstborn, who has received all my music with grace. He is such a loving and sensitive boy and my heart is wrenched thinking about all those times I yelled and said mean things to him. I was just a messed up mad woman back then, huh?

But deep down, all I wanted to do was watch him grow while I say "It's ok sweetheart, mummy still loves you".

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