Tuesday, December 17, 2013

JB's Local Craft Scene

Last weekend, I took action on what I think my life's mission is. I went to an arts & craft gathering sales organized by Arty-Party at Bar Banyan, as advertised on Facebook. First reason, get myself exposed to the local artists and crafter's community. Second reason, the event was organized to support Berkat's Children Home. This was a first small step.

There were around 13 stalls, 3 selling foodstuff and the rest were selling handmade jewelry, fabric bags, pouches, purses, soft toys, soap, keychain cozies, wood animal toys, cards, phone sleeves and artwork.

I brought my cards and pouches along and set up my dismal 'sale spot' on a barstool because I never reserved a stall ( I was too late!) It was fun anyway. Sad thing was, there were hardly any shoppers, even when the event was advertised on Facebook, on one of Johor Bahru's top group called What's Going On In Johor Bahru. Everyone there was stall owners, their friends, the Bar Banyan's staff and the organizers. Maybe there were shoppers after I left 3 hours before their closing time.

I also met the Administrator of Berkat's Children Home. She's like the mother of the home. She told me to drop by the home to check out what services they need. I plan to volunteer tuition or craft project workshops. It felt good after I told her what I would like to do, but deep inside, I wonder if I can do it.

After 2 hours there, Darren puked part of his chocolate cupcake..hahhaa. We packed and left. I bought 3 art posters by Chris Parry and a handmade bunny soap.

Then yesterday, I went to Kraftangan Malaysia fair at Angsana. It was a totally different environment. I have always love local crafts like rattan weaved baskets, decorative seashell hangings, and batik. OH I LOVE BATIK. It such a traditional classic! I think there should be more batik couture designers and more batik incorporated into our modern fashion. I bought some batik sarongs (will use as fabric to make bags), a batik poncho-like short blouse and a men's shirt. I think batik deserves a post on its own here.

Today, I feel the consumerism guilt. Yikes.

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