Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yam Sengs and Maam

These days, my mind gets cluttered like Wall-E's collection of garbage. By the way, Wall-E is a must-watch family movie. Any monstrous 3 year-old will sit quietly for the whole 2 hours and laugh. So do any monstrous 30 year-olds.

Pixar, as always, is genius.

This weekend, we'll be in Seremban and KL, and KLIA to pick up our new domestic helper! During the process of hiring her, I've learnt a lot, and faced many hiccups on the way too, up to one point when I almost say "Fuck this, I give up". The Philippines government are really making it difficult for their people to feed their families, aren't they. Everything tax. Everything fees. Even before they can earn their first paycheck, they have to fork out money to get work overseas and be in debt for the first 6 months or so. Poor thing or not.

And 3 weddings to attend this month and next. One same dress. Value for money.

Yaaaaaam Seeennnnggg!

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