Monday, September 15, 2008


Quote of the day:There are two major experiences that change a woman's life; motherhood and getting a good maid.

For the past few mornings, I wake up feeling like I just had a wonderful dream. Then I pinch myself. Ouch. I get out of bed and climb down the stairs. The living room is neat. All his toys that were scattered the night before are now tucked away in his toy corner. The cushions smell fresh. The curtains are tied. The glass door is almost invisible. My dining table is CLEAR. My laundry basket is empty. The clothes are washed and hung. The clean ones are folded. The kitchen is spotless. Food is prepared.

OH MY GODdess of domestic housechores-that-kill-me-sometimes.

Should I go on? The front porch is swept. Today's paper is on the lazy chair. The yesterday's paper is in the recycling basket. Shoes and little bicycles are arranged in a row. Plants are watered. Weeds are pulled.

Some more? My toilets are eye-blindingly sparkling. Mirrors are polished. Sink is WHITE. Everything is arranged. Toilet roll replenished. Bin emptied. Toilet bowl smells like flowers. My fallen hair GONE from the floors. Bathmats dry.

It's surreal. I couldn't believe how much time I have now to actually live my life. I couldn't believe how the chores controlled my life before. They are endless!

The best part of all is coming home to a nice home-cooked dinner.

The only challenge now is getting DC to be willing to stay home with her alone. PC and I are on this mission to lure him hehheh. We are going to get more and more exciting stuff home as a pull factor, and get the maid to 'bodek' him. What to do, he has been the little emperor back at his nanny's place. This deserves a whole story-telling some other time.

PS2 in our living room now. Next, a koochie woochie little puppy!

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Siew Lee said...

Agreed with you, maid will be a good helper, however good maid very difficul to find, you are so lucky!