Thursday, April 19, 2007

God Bless The Internet

I did some online shopping yesterday and today, and I think I am getting addicted! I can't help but click on the "Add To Cart" and "Checkout" icons. Before the brilliant invention of VPost, a new-ish postal system under the wings of Singapore Post, it was difficult to shop online, especially the American online shops that do not ship internationally, and even if some do, the international shipping charges are exorbitant. Now, I can send all merchandise to the VPost USA address, and they can collate the items bought from different locations, and send it to Singapore at one go! How ingenious isn't it! Gosh, this kind of shopping is exhilarating, because the excitement grows by the day as you look forward to receive your package. Oh, so hot and bothered now!
Pictures coming...

I think I've memorize my credit card number..GULP!

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