Monday, June 05, 2006

Photography- Unedited

Allow me to impress you with some artistic photos... or not. Sim's favourite subjects are flowers, and mine shall be Daniel, who moves a lot, thus presents a tough challenge. So, Sim, when Henn Henn starts moving non-stop, let me in on some photography tips. So far, here are some pictures which I think can make the cut for National Geographic's Photo of the Year...or not.

As close as I can get. Not bad siah considering it was taken in a moving car, and you know how shitty are JB roads. The long lashes are courtesy of Paul's genes. I need fake lashes or lots of mascara for the similar effect. Look closer, NO PORES! *envy*

This picture speaks movements. You can tell that Daniel moved swiftly and his tongue is going to swing out. I had no time to practise the art of panning, like those techniques you use at a race where your subject moves at the speed of light, and you capture it's still image and the background is blurry. I will wait till Daniel runs at the speed of light, then I can make use of this opportunity to pan.

This materpiece here illustrates distance and space, and his triumph in grabbing my camera. I used the 'continuous mode', where you click and hold, and the camera keeps capturing images until you release the button. So cool! usually there'll be at least one good picture out of say.. ten. Ah... bless today's technology.

Keep a lookout for the next Photography-Unedited episode folks!

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Kean Hong said...

ya.... shooting baby is tougher than landscape, close-up .... but with dig camera, u need not worry about film anymore, just shoot as much as possible, pick from the best and show it.... some more u cannot use Flash to shoot baby, flash will hurt baby's eyes.... so, hold your hand, adjust ISO Setting... as baby wont stand still for you to shoot...hahaha