Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm One!

Hello everybody! I am one! Woo hooo! I can get my driver's license in 17 years time.
On my birthday, Dada and Mama got me a nice big chocolate cake, but mama ate 80% of it because it was so delicious. They sang me a birthday song and blew my candle too because I don't know how to. But I was very fascinated with the flame on the candle.

After my nap, we all went to Jusco Tebrau City and I had loads of fun on the kiddie ride park.

Then for the first time, I entered a paradise... TOYS R US! I 've never seen so many colourful things before! Even dada and mama were fascinated too, I think they want to play too. Dada thinks I will develop good rhythm, so he bought me a ... *drum roll*

Bom bom bom bom bom CHING! Woo hoo! I'm a rockstar! Well, it was a great day, not because of the presents, but because dada and mama spent my birthday with me :)

Good night folks and thank you all for your wonderful presents!!


Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!