Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Embroidery - Making of The Mindfulness Pouch

I've had some dark ash denim fabric from Daiso that was sitting around for a long time. I wanted to make a rustic styled case but never got around doing it. So when the embroidery itch came, these presented the perfect canvas! Initially I had wanted to sew a blackboard style design, like a mathematical or physics equation, but there would be too many letters to sew. 
That time, I came across a lot of articles about mindfulness, and I thought, maybe I could make a mindfulness pouch. 
So, here's how I made it.

I didn't have any white drawing pencil/chalk so I used a sheet of interface, ironed on the back of my intended surface and wrote the letters BREATH and 12345 in mirror image.

Then I machine-stitched the outlines with regular white thread.

Now I could see my 'draft'.

The chain stitch looked nice so I decided to use this.

Behind every beautiful art or person, there is the mess and hard work that many can't see. 

 The mindfulness pouch, to remind us to take a breather.

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