Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year 2017

I felt like I charged into the new year in quite a hectic way. After the Hong Kong trip, we attended my  cousin's simple wedding luncheon on Christmas Eve in Singapore.

Cousins unite.

Thinking there might be massive jam, we took the KTM train from JB Sentral for the first time and returned to JB the same way. The whole journey was quite smooth. THEN, we found out the traffic back to JB was CLEAR. Tu lan.

On Christmas day, I went to the wet market early in the morning to get ingredients to make my potato salad for a BBQ dinner that night.

On Boxing Day, I celebrated my mom's birthday at AEON Tebrau City. Whole day. The kids spent the whole day at Fanpekka while my mom explored the new wings on her own because I was imprisoned in Fanpekka. Exiting the parking lot at closing time was unpleasant. I don't know why they can't place the Autopay Machine at every exit points. I could only find ONE and the queue was long.

The next day, I had to buy Darren's new school uniform for Primary 1. Homaigod! My baby! Went home to wash the shirts and pants.

Then it's more outing with cousins and aunts the following day.

Next day, it was Darren's school orientation which lasted till 11am. After that we headed to AEON Bukit Indah for lunch and some fun at the arcade playground. I forgotten about Daniel's tuition so we rushed home and rushed to the tutor's place.

This fishing game is so fun! The boys actually sweated a lot after playing for almost an hour.

Then finally got to reorganise my reading corner, the boys' room and the pile of DVDs we've collected over the years. Organising your home is no joke. So mentally draining.

Then, jeng jeng jeng! SCHOOL STARTS on the 1st of January. For the first 3 days, parents were allowed to visit the class during recess to bring food or whatever.

Thank goodness we live so near the school. So I had been back and forth, bringing him oats for recess, and lunch on stay-back day. I even met up with an ex-colleague for a quick brunch and tour at the old town Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. I also sneaked a couple of hours to shop at City Square and KOMTAR JBCC. My old Marks&Spencer briefs lasted 5 years and had become so worn that it tore just by stretching the fabric. Old ones go, new ones come! I've never swiped my credit card so many times before.

Also did some cooking since the boys started school. 

My helper came back before the weekend and I'm back to work. Life is starting to be normal again.

What a chiong start to the new year. I hope yours was more awesome.

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