Monday, May 25, 2015

Hipster Shops, Cafe and A Fabulous Day in Johor Bahru - pockets, Evangelione, The Replacement Lodge And Kitchen

I think yesterday was like the best day ever. You know those days when you just plan to do one thing, and it happens, and then naturally the entire day gets better and better, unexpectedly? ...... Exactly.

So, something is growing at the old Johor Bahru town, specifically at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and the surrounding roads. It has been my ultimate wish and dream to see many artistic and novelty shops there, like a little hipster town. The nearest to this vision is Melaka's Jonker's Street. So when I found out that a little lifestyle concept shop has been set up there, I knew just what I had to do.

The old town pretty much remained the same... same nostalgic and hippie feeling, which I totally adore. Recently new shops and cafes sprouted around and I am ecstatic to show you around! I blogged about the old town in January 2014 and Earth Heart Cafe before, if you'd like to have a look.

What's new:

 Lifestyle concept store. Small and cozy. I approached the team and introduced my handmade goods and they were interested! I don't know how this is going to go, but I am elated enough to see such a creative space in JB. The kind I like.

And then my heart stopped! Evangelione is in da house! I cannot express how dizzy I felt. If you don't know who or what this is, it's about time, my friends. I can't describe here because it's going to take me days, so please do check out her links:
(the posts stopped coming in 2014, but it's a treasure of pictures there. I love looking at the miniature things she did)
Facebook (36K likes, hello!)

So basically, it's a handmade doll shop. The maker, a young Johorean lady has been making them for years (since 2009 according to her Etsy shop). I have not bought any dolls from her yet, just the rabbit photo postcard. I will buy the rabbit if she still makes them! In fact, my aruri logo is very much inspired by her rabbit. Oh, I can't wait...
The shop is 'still under construction' though. I was trying to peek and peer inside through the glass front, I looked like a thief!

I'm mad too... about you!

Evangelione dolls

And do check out her miniature project as well. She is just amazing!

Ok, ok *deep breaths* moving on...

Bev C

Art gallery

We stopped by this cafe, 'table for two', for some light refreshment and coffee. 

Old things! 

This scene reminds me of Bangkok cafes..

The menu.

Back then I saw this, and dreamt of something wonderful to be built.

That dream came true! It's a cafe and hostel now called The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen. I absolutely love their white theme.

Other long standing establishments...

The Roost, juice bar cafe.

The famous bakery, another famour one is Hiap Joo Bakery, extensively blogged by others already. 

IT Roo, popular for its chicken chop.

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee.

The street's landmark, now a coffeeshop.

Chaiwalla tea cafe, one of the first container concept cafe.

Maco Vintage cafe. The crepe cake they serve is awesome.

And then, after passing by the Bukit Serene Palace millions of time, we finally stopped by for a stroll.


And then, also having passed this place millions of times, we decided to stop by here too!
Taman Merdeka, just next to Kolam Air.

We bought bubble kits there to play.

This is one of those unexpected 'award winning' photos I took on my iPhone. Champion!

Best. Day. Ever.

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