Thursday, February 28, 2013

Boy's Room Makeover


Unwashable doodles on the wall by you-know-who. Queen size old thick mattress. Dull linen.


New coat of paint. Yours truly took less than 24 hours to paint half bottom of 3 walls, using a 3-inch wide brush. Double coated. This is by far my greatest first-time DIY job.

If you are wondering where that cute little bed is from, it is an old IKEA cot that can be converted to a toddler bed. Best buy I ever made in the children's department. It is not available anymore, unfortunately.

I made this wall-hanging pockets as a cute storage.

Also handmade, cloud and rain mobile, and tissue box cover for hanging.

A set of postcard artwork by syko, a lovely etsy artist from Finland.

I secretly want to move in with my boys...


Ellen Yeo said...

how adorable!!!

Ally said...

Thank you!