Friday, January 11, 2013

How To Make A Drawstring Bag or Pouch

Drawstring bags make awesome lunch bags or a quick to-go bags but I don't see a lot of nice ones around. And they aren't very hard to make! The bag I made here measures about 20cm wide and 17cm tall when flat.

Here's how:

Cut these panels of fabric. Top panel is the lining, and measures 44cm x 23cm.
Bottom panels; the smaller sides measure 9cm x 23cm, and the middle panel measures 26cm x 23cm.

Now, sew the sides of the small and middle panel (indicated by the small arrows). Place the panels facing the right sides of each other.

This is what it looks like after the sides are sewn and the small panels are flipped out.

Adorn the panel with cotton lace if you like.

Place the 'strawberry side' on top of the lining with the right sides facing each other.

Sew the ends indicated by the purple dash lines.

Now, fold the joined panels in a way that the ends meet in the middle.

Sew according to the purple lines, leaving 3 gaps. 3cm gaps on both sides (for the cord) and a 6cm approximate gap to turn your bag inside out later.

Now, to sew the bottom gusset, open up the bag, and fold in a way that the sides meet in the middle again.

Flatten it. Sew the sharp corner according to the purple line. There are 4 corners to sew. Two on the strawberry fabric, two on the lining.

Cut away the corners.

Turn the bag inside out.

Stitch the gap to close the bag up. You can use blind stitch.

Push the lining into the bag. Now the bag looks more real! But we are not done yet!
Sew two lines across the top part. The first line is less than a cm from the top edge (about 7-8mm doesn't matter), and the second line must be 2cm from the first line.

The 2cm gap is for the cord.

Use a safety pin to thread in the cord. Enter from any sides first.

Come out from the other side and thread through that side again... emerge on the same side you entered.

Cut the cord and tie a knot.

To do the other cord, enter the side opposite the knotted cord. Do the same thing.

Ta da!!

Make another :)

I reckon this is like intermediate level, so don't give up, newbies!

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