Thursday, March 01, 2012

Darren Is Two!

Not too long ago...

He can express himself quite a lot. His favorite sentences are "I want!"
"I want to go there!" "I want to go down!" "I want nen-nen... do again!" "I want motorbike!" "I want baby einstein book" "I want go home!" He is as apt to say "I don't want!" And he almost can say 'Excavator'

He can count to ten perfectly, and to twenty with a bit of guidance.

I think he has awesome hearing and speech skills. You say a word for the first time, he says the same word for the first time.

He's so cute when he cries.

He's so cute when he pretends to cry.

He grabs my iPhone, slides to unlock, and view my photo albums. He enjoys watching his own videos. He once sent a gibberish text to my friend.

He loves jumping on the bed. He loves jumping down the stairs. He loves to launch himself onto the sofa. He loves action. Freaks me out.

He loves vehicles . Anything with wheels, that moves.

He is not afraid of anything but the hairdryer.

He is not shy.

He absolutely loves water. Whether it's drinking, the pool, a rain puddle... he's a goner.

He adores his brother, and it's mutual. They do wrestle for toys, TV and attention but at the end of the day, they cuddle up, and this melts my heart.

He is a charm. Everyday.


Anonymous said...

Ally, happy belated birthday to Darren. Both your boys are so so so adorable.


Ally said...

Aww, thank you Sally!

Ellen Yeo said...

this picture, so yao feel!