Monday, February 20, 2012

The Mid-Thirties Woman

I will officially hit mid-thirty end of this week. How do I feel about it? Awesomeness of epic proportions. I feel like my life has just begun and it's exponentially reaching it's peak. Do the men normally panic at this time? I don't know, but as a woman, yabadabadoo!! Not only you're glowing with the mid-thirties confidence, you'll find yourself evermore assertive in your choices in life, and many more glorious advantages this age has to offer. For me, they all pretty much sum up to:

"I am beautiful, and I finally see it"
I was never confident about my looks, only after a good haircut. My good haircut was 4 years ago. Now, I feel beautiful even in my sweatpants. I feel beautiful knowing I have a healthy body (so far), a FUNCTIONAL body, and a body that allows me to dance, to do so many wonderful things, and to touch people's hearts with kind gestures. And most of all, I have body that can make ANOTHER body! And then another!

"No nitrites and trans-fat please , thank you"
I am increasingly concerned about the food we eat. Processed and refined junks. And your body has a way of telling you. I guess, I am also listening more to my body. I'm trying to get the nutrients I think I lack, from natural sources of food instead of popping the pills. Boy I love the internet.

"I want to speak to your manager, you lousy sheet of asswipes"
I can no longer tolerate bad service or injustice. Being a woman in her mid-thirties brings me closer to the Auntie Attitude. HAIL AUNTIES! I am capable of making a scene (in another words, a case) without being embarrassed, because it's my prerogative. I am using my voice to express my displeasure and to lecture if necessary. I'm still practicing though, these things take a lot of guts! I must say, having small children tends to accentuate this, because we face cranky unreasonable infantile behaviors at home, therefore we cannot tolerate similar traits coming from another adult. Betul?

" Let's have a reunion"
Never underestimate the power of family in times of joy and crisis. Your own parents, your sibling, your cousins, your aunts, uncles, grandparents, even in-laws. They may nag, they may be distant, but when it comes to serious stuff, these people are on your side. It's amazing, I never knew this. Being an only child, I lived like an island, isolated from others. I strive on privacy and my own world. Now, I learn that we can all live as islands CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER BY BRIDGES!

" Dear God..."
The spiritual path is sometimes the trickiest. People change, beliefs change. I am a Christian by faith, but I am open and curious about other faiths too. Not only in religion but in life as a general. And along the way, I make up my own set of beliefs. It may not be tried and tested, but it feels right. It is true... I AM the Goddess of the Mid-Thirties.

"Just Do It"
I am doing what I enjoy and love most. In my twenties, I was cluelessly tagging along. Everyday was just another day. Nothing to look forward really, nothing that drives me to the point of passionate insanity. Then around the age of 30, something stirred in me. I wasn't going to spend another 10 years tagging along still. I had an artistic interest and I acted on it. I set up my station, I bought supplies, I invested in pricier tools, I MADE THINGS. And then it wasn't enough. You know when you have found your passion, you just can't stop! I opened an account, and set up my online shop. I took good pictures of my cards with effort. And I sold them! It was my drug. No matter what happened, my crafting mojo would ALWAYS come back, and I know this is true love. So mid-thirties is also about making things happen. Waiting is not fun anymore.

Coincidently, my 'savvy thirties' life is blessed with amazing tools like the internet, filled with endless informations and opportunities. If not for Facebook, I wouldn't have been equipped with so many news, trends and viral videos of rude KFC staff punching customer. I would've made an Auntie scene big-time. Happy Birthday to me yo!


Hui Ching Hia said...

I am...going on the big 4-O. Wish me luck!

Hui Ching Hia said...

And Happy Birthday!

Ally said...

Thank you, big 4-0 mama!